7 juin 2023

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On 2,000 m², visitors were able to discover 250 exhibitors, workshops and demonstrations while being able to taste all kinds of chocolates and pastries.

After the Mondial du Chocolat in Paris, Vannes and Lyon will host the Salon du Chocolat et de la Pâtisserie from November 11 to 13, 2022.

The Salon du Chocolat is the largest chocolate and cocoa event in the world. It is the only international platform bringing together chocolate makers, consumers, producing countries, distributors and customers. A major event in the profession, it brings together all the players in the sector, not forgetting professional chefs, distribution networks, not forgetting equipment and the media. It is present on 4 continents in major cities such as Paris, Lyon, Jeddah, New York, Kuwait, Dubai, Riyadh, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul

The Salon du Chocolat was back after several reports due to the pandemic in recent years. An unmissable event, the 27th edition was held at the Palais des expositions at Porte de Versailles (75015) from October 27 to November 1, 2022, with an unprecedented programme.

Once again this year, Côte d’Ivoire, the world’s leading producer and grinder of cocoa, was well represented with a large delegation appointed by Sophie Kourouma, communication and information director for the Conseil du Café-Cacao stand, as well as 5 Ivorian chocolate artisans, many people from the diaspora but also the ambassador, the consul or the business manager….

On 2,000 m², visitors were able to discover 250 exhibitors, workshops and demonstrations while being able to taste all kinds of chocolates and pastries. This was the case for the privileged who took part in the inauguration evening of October 27, during which they were able to meet the actors of the profession. As with every edition, a parade of chocolate dresses was on the agenda for this solidarity evening organized in favor of an association.

The Inaugural Evening Dress Show

Like every year for 25 years, the parade of chocolate dresses was the highlight of the evening.
At 8 p.m., the parade of chocolate dresses began, organized this year in favor of the association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. (For any ticket purchased, 10€ reversed). This year’s theme was “Excellence in the service of glamour”. It brought together 15 creations worn by VIPs who marched on the podium of the “Cacao Show”. The show was produced with the collaboration of make-up artist SLA Paris who, for the first time, designed “totally chocolate” make-up, right down to the eyelashes. Coiff&Co was the official hairdresser.

Creators and chocolatiers of the October 27 parade:

– Chocolatiers Jean-Luc Decluzeau and Hervé Traclet & designer Angel Sewing.
– Jean-Luc Decluzeau and Hervé Traclet & costume designer Cassandra Allaire for Mad Harker.
– Maëlig Georgelin, pastry chef and creator of Au Petit Prince & Marie Ferrero-Favoriti, designer for MLF attitude couture.
– Hasnaâ and Vincent Ferreira for Hasnaâ Chocolats Grands Crus & the creator Jérémie Pujo
– The chocolate maker and president of Relais Desserts, Vincent Guerlais & the designer Angélique Godey
– Hugues Pouget, pastry chef founder of Maison Hugo & Victor and French dessert champion & creator Ricardo Dávila for PROMPERÚ France
– Christophe Bertrand and Nicolas Morin for À La Reine Astrid & the Invenio Flory studio
– The chocolate maker-ice cream maker Frédéric Voulot for Chocolat by Fred & the Erneste clothing workshop
– The pastry chef-chocolatier Hugo Pralus for the Maison Pralus & the designer Stéphane Pagan
– Le Meilleur Ouvrier de France David Wesmaël – pastry chef, ice cream maker, creator of La Glacerie Paris and creative director of Maison Le Roux & Nathalie Descout
– La Maison Pariès & the Haute-Couture visual artist Daisy for the brand “Des Idées Folles”
– Meilleur Ouvrier de France and world pastry champion, Pascal Brunstein for Oacao & the creators Maud and Nathan Brunstein
– Pastry chef Olivier Stehly & designer E den Hue
– The chocolatier Florent Thevenon & the designer Ludivine Guillot
Every day, we were able to attend other parades demonstrating the know-how of chocolate makers and creators.

What is the action of the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque association?

The association aims to help operate in the best conditions for children from disadvantaged countries and suffering from heart defects. These children with heart defects travel to France to undergo an operation when this is impossible in their country due to lack of technical or financial means. Hosted by volunteer host families in 9 towns in France, more than 4,000 children have been cared for since the Association was created in 1996 by Prof. Francine Leca. Participating in this good deed made it possible to raise funds during the sale of tickets for the inaugural evening, all reversed to the association.

Impressive works in preview

This evening was also an opportunity to discover a preview of chocolate sculptures made for the occasion, visible throughout the show. Among them, visitors discovered:
– A Bugatti Grand Prix Type 35B 1927, 3/4 scale made by Jean-Luc Decluzeau with 250kg of chocolate.
– A 1 m long mermaid, made by Maëlig Georgelin, Maison Au Petit Prince
– The 2 Hasnaâ Chocolats Grands Crus rabbits inspired by Tom Claassen’s “Sitting Rabbits” who need 240 kg of chocolate for the 2 sculptures 1m20 high.

International competitions

The international competitions, 6 in number, included events staged by the various professions in the world of chocolate, from Viennese pastries to ice sculpture, passing through the art of chocolatier or pastry innovation.
– World Chocolate Masters
During 3 days of individual global competition, 18 international chocolatiers give their creative and concrete vision of the chocolate of tomorrow.
– World of Sweet Arts
For the 7th year, the Mondial des Arts Sucrés is a springboard for setting up a career. This competition for pastry excellence promotes diversity with male/female pairs.
– Competition of peasant, organic and fair-trade cocoas
This first contest of its kind was organized by the trade label Symbol of Peasant Producers. He invites visitors to rate the tablets tasted blind. In addition, it was accompanied by conferences on the key themes of the cocoa sector, round tables and exchanges between producers from different regions, as well as the sale of the sale of SPP chocolates and made by French chocolate makers.
– French pastry trophy
Organized by the Conférence Nationale des Artisans Pâtissiers, Chocolatiers, Confectioners, Ice Cream Makers and Caterers, this trophy honors 15 amateurs who have come to defend their achievements to the general public and to a jury of experts interpreted by the MOF Laurent Le Daniel, President of the Confederation.
– Chocolate Bread Master
Organized by the Confédération de la Boulangerie et Boulangerie Pâtisserie Française, this Master rewards with a vintage trophy, the best chocolate viennoiserie having gathered the maximum points around its cooking, its shine, its visual aspect, its taste, its fondant and its leafing.
– Glacier Challenge
In association with the National Confederation of Glaciers of France, the Défi des Glaciers elected after 2 days of competition (28 and 29 October) the best ice cream or sorbet of the year 2022 at the Salon du Chocolat.

Live recipes from top chefs

The greatest pastry chefs, young talents and chocolate makers created their best recipes during exceptional masterclasses on the Pastry Show stage. Among them are described Thierry Marx, Jeffrey Cagnes, Sarah Ifrah Ohana, Julien Leveneur, Elsa Molton, Christophe Hay, Nina Métayer or even Maxence Barbot…

See you next year for the 28th edition.