22 avril 2024

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Ivory Coast welcomes its success at CAN 2023

CAN 2023: a success on all levels for Ivory Coast.

CAN 2023: a success on all levels for Ivory Coast

The CAN was overall a sporting and economic success. This CAN was unifying, everyone mobilized greatly around this event. Ivory Coast is the land of “Akwaba”, which has greatly contributed to creating a team spirit with the national team.

This gathering was marked by the presence of numerous supporters from across the African continent, which reinforced the enthusiasm around this sporting competition and contributed to the involvement of all communities, in particular the French community.

For example, the French Embassy showed its support for the national team throughout the competition through active communication. A month after the end of the African football championship, the Ivory Coast embassy in Paris brought together the diaspora to thank them for their support.

Ivory Coast won the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, in 2024, which it organized

It was both a sporting and economic success for Ivory Coast, and even a celebration since the CAF host country won the 2023 Africa Cup, for its third title. They beat Nigeria 2-1 in the final, having also beaten defending champions Senegal in the round of 16 on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

Titled after a completely crazy scenario, like the entire competition, the Elephants won the continental title for the third time in their history.

This total is not yet enough to get on the podium of the most successful African nations in the history of the CAN. It is currently dominated by Egypt (7), followed by Cameroon (5) and Ghana (4).

Maurice Bandaman, Ambassador of Ivory Coast to France, the former Minister of Culture and Francophonie of Ivory Coast, he thanked the diaspora in France for their support during the African Cup, but also for the image and support of the country during the period of organization of CAF.

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