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Stars of the 80s and 90s in concert at Bobino for underprivileged children

Monday April 2, stars from the 80s and 90s were present at Bobino for a show in support of abused and disadvantaged children and victims of sexual assault.

Monday April 2, stars from the 80s and 90s were present at Bobino for a show in support of abused and disadvantaged children and victims of sexual assault.

David Donadéi brought together the stars of the 80s and 90s for a charity concert in favor of abused and disadvantaged children. Through the Citéstars association, it helps children in difficulty.

Who is the CitéStars association?

Created in August 1998, the CitéStars association works in Ile-de-France and in working-class neighborhoods for children suffering from cardiac and respiratory malformations but also victims of sexual assault.

Located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, it brings together personalities from the sporting and artistic world. It also organizes charity evenings in the presence of its president David Donadéi, its vice-president Jean-Pierre Castaldi and numerous guests including Frédéric Thiriez (President of the National Football League, President of the national football league and member of honor), Jean-Michel Moutier (former PSG goalkeeper and general manager of Citéstars), Fabienne Amiach (weather presenter for 33 years), Philippe Candéloro (vice-president), Luis Fernandez, (vice-president), Evelynne Dress , Grace de Capitani, Isabelle Sévérino (European gymnastics champion), Sébastien Barrio (Radio Arts-Mada), Thierry Samitier (vice-president) All these personalities were there to graciously defend a cause that is close to their hearts: Defending children.

Among the vice-presidents, there was Alain Turban who sang “Santa Monica” in a disco version. Sabine Paturel treated us to her “Bêtises” before performing a “Mistral Gagner” full of emotion. Ted Sanders heated up the room with the titles of the Vagabonds (“Our most beautiful years”, “Le Temps des Yéyés” or “Johnny be goode”) before the arrival of Herbert Léonard with 2 of his greatest successes (“Lassez– we dream” and “For Pleasure”). This evening was also an opportunity to reunite with Jean-Pierre Morgan from “Avions” for “Nuit sauvage” and a rock medley from the 80s (“Cherchez le boy (Taxi Girl), When you are in the desert (Jean-Patrick Capdevielle) , “3rd sex (Indochina), Joniece Jamison who paid tribute to Tina Turner with “What’Lot Got To Do Withn It”, “Proud Mary”, “Simply the Best”.)

For his part, Plastic Bertrand, as usual, ignited the room with “All small the planet” and “ça plane pour moi” taken up in unison by the spectators. Taking advantage of the change of stage, David brought the members of the association on stage before welcoming the “Forbans” to rockabilly tunes then the Gipsy King who came specially from the USA where they are on tour. At the end of the concert, everyone was standing and dancing.

All united for a charity concert

During the year 2023, UNICEF declared 18 million children abused, killed, extorted, abandoned and raped. Although it should be a national cause, it appears that the State needs help from associations to try to eradicate this scourge. It is with this aim that the CitéStars association organized a charity concert in Bobino, “The 80s-90s-La Fête”, hosted by Philippe Candéloro, Marc Scalia and David Donadéi. All the artists responded positively to the invitation for this return to the 80s.

Skater Gwendal Pezeirat opened the evening by performing “La Lettre” by Renan Luce and a new song which will be released for the Olympics, “Les lauriers, les tears”. It was then Maureen’s turn who ignited the room with “Les vendanges de l’amour” by Marie Laforêt and “Elisa” by Serge Gainsbourg, Patsy with “Liverpool” and Philippe Cataldo with “Les Divas du dancing” followed before to welcome Joniece Jamison for a duet on “Joue pas” by François Feldman. Marc Scalia asked Douchka, the children’s idol, to come join him on stage where she performed “Resiste” by France Gall as well as a medley of his greatest songs. It was with pleasure that the public was able to sing “Elementaire my dear Baloo”, “Zorro” and other titles relating to Disney. Nono Ex Chocolat’s then took over with Latin tunes including “Brasilia Carnaval”, accompanied by dancers. We were able to see Stone and his “Avventura” follow one another, the Real Madrid (David)/Atletico Madrid (Pedro Castano) meetings for a “Macarena” where a person from the public was invited on stage to do the choreography.

The stars present on April 2 at Bobino

All these strrs were present around David to celebrate the 80s and 90s. We noted, Jean-Pierre Morgand, Philippe Cataldo, Pedro Castano, Les Forbans, Plastic Bertrand, Sabine Paturel, Ted Sanders, Alain Turban, Stone, Nono ex Chocolat’s, Patsy, Chico Castillo the Gipsy.

CitéStars’ actions

Since its creation, CitéStars has worked for disadvantaged children. thanks to its growing number of partners. Having obtained 4 approvals, it collaborates with Paris hospitals and the Judicial Protection of Youth (PJJ). It is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice and the Family Allowance Fund (CAF).

Among the main actions organized by the association, we include:

1) – Football matches between Artists and Sportsmen against young people in the city and also against the Police to encourage dialogue between young people and the police in difficult neighborhoods.

2) – Every day from Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., 2 homework help areas for children experiencing academic difficulties and for those who are failing at school.

3) –Every year for 20 years “A Christmas tree” in favor of the most disadvantaged and abused children in the most difficult neighborhoods. It takes place at Cirque Phénix (75012) in the presence of 110 to 180 underprivileged and abused children as well as the presence of 50 well-known personalities who give gifts to the children, followed by a signing and photo session followed by the big show all together .

4) – Holiday camps each year during the long summer holidays in July and August where there are between 35/40 children who go for 10 days in July and 40/50 children who go for 10 days in August. (Everything is supported by CiteStars).

5) -Educational workshops are set up: Computer Workshop, Educational Workshop, Painting Workshop, Prevention Workshop (drugs, radicalization), Civic Workshop, Theater Workshop, Dance Workshop, Homework Workshop.

6) –Creation of the “Miss National Beauty” election in order to raise funds for the association.

7) – Half-day open day every quarter on job search and prevention and educational and pedagogical follow-up for teenagers aged 15 to 18 experiencing academic and family failure.

8) –Work in parallel with district police stations to eradicate drugs, radicalization and violence in the so-called difficult neighborhoods of the 20th, 19th, 18th, 12th and 11th arrondissement of Paris.

9) –Work in parallel with 3 hospitals in Paris for child victims of violence and pedophilia.

10) – Every year for the past 5 years a big evening with a gala dinner show which brings together all the Stars and the press as well as the partners in order to raise funds for the association.

Next meeting for the end of year celebrations on Sunday November 17 at the Pavillon Baltard in Nogent sur Marne.

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