25 juillet 2024

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“The festival with Macron”: the demonstrators ravelled in Paris and elsewhere against the reforms of the French president

Tens of thousands of people ravelled under a sun bursting and in an environment goodchild Saturday in Paris to have fun with Macron and to denounce the various committed reforms by the French president.

Unsubdued France asserts 160,000 participants for his Festival in Macron in Paris this Saturday, they were 40,000 according to the police and a little less according to one organization elected by the media. The procession left the place of the opera before joining the Bastille for a concert in evening.

The government had informed these last days of its fear of overflows, after the spectacular violences caused by approximately 1,200 black blocks at the time of the traditional procession of May 1st, and not less than 2,000 police officers and gendarmes were deployed.

Macron as Dracula, Jupiter Macron or Macron as a bankerking the cord with the neck: the Head of the State was put at all sauces at the time of this stayathome demonstration, leaving free field to multiple claims.

But the coloured procession, which left the place of the Opera to join that of the Bastille, sprang in good mood after a picnic concert in the presence of many families.

In the procession, the demonstrators carried various claims, against the social and economic reforms of the government, but also the fight against the climate change or the reception of the migrants.

Four tanks were in the middle of the procession: the Jupiter tank, the tank Dracula, the tank Napoleon, with on each one of them a person made up in Macron, shown to be the president of the rich person, and finally a tank resistance.

According to the organizers, this initiative is only one first stage. Already, several associations, trade unions, parties consider a new day of protest on May 26th. A new cycle of mobilization is on the way, was pleased Mr. Mélenchon.

Four days after the overflows of 1stMay, 2,000 police officers and gendarmes are mobilized to ensure safety Paris. A deployment of the police criticized by JeanLuc Mélenchon who sees a will of diaboliser there the opposition.

Certain Parisian demonstrators had come in family, spadescrewing on the spot in the middle of streamers. On those, one could read slogans of unsubdued France like to bottom the president of the rich person, Not with the blow of Social state, For ecological planning, a Life Republic, with some plus schoolkids: Stayathome demo, it still better is heated, One year of too, Stop ToutenMacron.

Gatherings also take place in several towns of France, in Toulouse this Saturday morning, they were 3,000 according to the organizers and 1,500 the police to be expressed from the local headquarter of Medef to the court. 500 people approximately were gathered in Bordeaux, of the demonstrations also in Lyon, Strasbourg, Rennes, in Landes or in Montélimar and in Savoy at the station of SaintPierrein Albigny.








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