29 mai 2024

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METAL D’ALCOVE, the workshop of Eric KATZ, lighting sculptor in Montmartre

Eric KATZ welcomes you in his small shop with a window on the street at the top of the legendary Butte Montmartre.

A real Ali Baba’s cave!
The artist exhibits his creations there, lamps and light structures, vases, small decorative furniture.

He gives a second life to objects found at flea markets, objects that he diverts from their primary use to give them a new function.

When I met him at his shop, he had just found three sandblasted glass bowls at the flea market on rue Lamarck.
A favorite, at the start!
But he had no idea what he was going to do with it.

And arriving at the workshop, little by little, the idea arrives…
A threaded rod, skeleton of the luminaire, balls of different sizes in chrome-plated brass, hard steel discs… and the magic happens for the advent of a new work of art.

A true work of goldsmith’s work which leads him to assemble by screwing on an electric threaded rod elements in silver, chrome, nickel or aluminum, pieces which reflect the light, while crystal, polished or frosted glass, glass paste or the opaline he uses, absorb it.
Confrontation of two universes, playing on complementary or opposing dualities, between the coldness of metal and the warmth of glass, in a secret alchemy between yin and yang.

The pieces produced are unique, signed and entirely handmade.
Eric works on volumes and shapes, oblong, round, plump curves, sharp hardness of rectangular or square lines, always looking for balance, with the primary objective of giving the impression that the object has always existed underneath. this shape.
He respects a style inspired by the 30s to the 50s. He especially loves the 50s!

He also uses silver metals from the 20s to the 80s, chrome, as well as blown Murano glass.
Lighting represents 95% of its production, ceiling lights, wall lights. floor lamps, bedside, desk or floor lamps. But Eric prefers the term “light sculpture” to “lamp”.
The rest consists of vases and fruit bowls.

The workshop is also a place of initiation where you can learn to repair and create the elements of your daily decor yourself.
It is also a “decoratherapy” space allowing you to highlight your inner richness and reveal the extent of your creative abilities.

Eric knows that creation triggers feel-good endorphins.
Participants are invited to come and choose the elements of their future lighting fixture, then, introduced to assembly techniques (polishing, drilling, assembly, etc.), to imagine the lamp that they can make themselves.

A work on lighting which is light, symbol of openness to the world and spiritual guide.
Métal D’Alcôve opens its doors for individualized appointments.

Exhibitions and events in which Eric has participated in recent years:
– exhibition of sculptures at the Chamber of Trades and Crafts in 2020
– creation of jewelry for the Oscar SISTO show in 2019 and 2020
– various events in Sofitel hotels in Paris
– exhibitions in art galleries such as Tralalart in 2022 and Linda Farrel in 2023
– lamp exhibition at the Venice Biennale at the Ten Arts Gallery in 2022

Eric always has new ambitions and today would like to be able to create furniture.
After writing several books, he also has a play project…

Eric KATZ Sculptor, Lighting Designer and Interior Decoration Advisor
METAL d’ALCOVE 86, rue Lamarck, Paris, France 75018.

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