21 juin 2024

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Davos – Switzerland: the World economic forum

Big bosses and Heads of States joined together in Davos, in Switzerland, for the World economic forum which is held until Friday, the French president claimed a world new agreement.

France is of return. Here is what Emmanuel Macron launched, this Wednesday, with the World economic forum of Davos, in Switzerland, in front of a floor of big bosses and political leaders. It was interdict to fail in France and prohibited to succeed, affirmed the French president, who wants to encourage on the contrary to take chances.

However, the French president has just lowered the tax rate of the companies. But it invites all the same to cease the race with the tax lowest bidder between the countries. Emmanuel Macron asks by the exempleaux United States and China to join an initiative of fiscal harmonization carried out by OECD.

Emmanuel Macron also claims a world new agreement , without what the extremisms will gain in ten or fifteen years in all the countries: he for example invited the multinationals to give up tax optimization with any hair , and the governments to work out tax strategies contact with the international level . For example, to tax the giants with digital who do not pay taxes , Emmanuel Macron specified.

Malala Yousafzai invited the women Thursday to change the world by themselves, without expecting the support of the men, at the time of a conference to the World economic forum of Davos.

We will not ask the men to change the world, we will do it ourselves, this tireless lawyer of the education of the girls launched, before an assembly for once largely female.

For Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Prize of Peace, the women must change the world by themselves, this Forum which joins together each year the gotha of the policy and of the economy in the Swiss Alps remains a primarily male coterie, 80% of the participants are men. But the debates made this year a place with the world movement of female claim.

Prize winner of the Nobel Prize of Peace in 2014, Malala continues her commitment by visiting refugee camps or while pleading in Forums of the whole world, while conducting studies of economy, philosophy and political sciences at the university of Oxford.

I cannot send all the girls to the school but I can send the greatest possible number of it to the school, the young woman concluded, by recalling that more than 130 million girls are private of education.

Feminism it is right another word for the equality () that means simply that the women should have the same rights that the men, Malala, 20 years underlined, while paying homage to his/her father, a feminist who defied the Pakistani traditional company to support it towards and against all.

I hope that I could one day return to Pakistan. It is hard not to see its house, its family and her friends during more than five years, she said.

Waited by everyone this Thursday, January 25 in Davos. Donald Trump arrived on the spot at the end of the morning. The US president hopes well to benefit from the Economic forum to prove to the other world leaders that its famous America First does not mean the fold of the country on itself.

Well far from the geopolitical considerations, it is the air and terrestrial convoy of Trump which attracted the eyes and the objectives of the Swiss ones. Landing of Air Force One to Zurich on arrival of the procession of cars to the tinted panes, the Helvetian ones did not lose a crumb of the presidential way.

This Thursday, Donald Trump must in particular discuss with the British Prime Minister Theresa May and the chief the Israeli government Benjamin Netanyahu, before its very expected closing speech Friday.

First US president to be gone to the World economic forum since Bill Clinton in 2000, Donald Trump is expected with mixed feelings.

Contrast could be strong between the made reception with Donald Trump and the nourished applause booked, for example, in Emmanuel Macron. The French president put an option on the role of leader of the free world, a title historically related to the US president, wrote New York Times even Thursday.

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