28 mai 2024

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Paris Marathon 2024: Victory for Ethiopians at the Paris marathon

The 47th edition of the Paris Marathon took place this Sunday April 7, 2024 in the French capital.

The 47th edition of the Paris Marathon took place this Sunday April 7, 2024 in the French capital.

Mulugeta Uma for men and Mestawut Fikir for women won the Paris marathon this Sunday.

Under overcast but mild weather, the race started at a brisk pace among the men, where a small group of 15 quickly emerged with all the favorites. But this group gradually broke up, from 30 kilometers onwards, under the blows of the Kenyan Titus Kipruto, who cracked the reigning champion of the event, the Ethiopian Abeje Ayana, and the record holder of the Parisian race, the Kenyan Elisha Rotich.

Among the women, it was a sprint duel between neophytes which determined the victory. While the Ethiopian Rahma Tusa, in the lead since 15km, seemed to be in the best position, it was her two compatriots Mestawut Fikir and Enat Tirusew who gradually overtook all their rivals, over a distance that they had never competed in .

In the sprint, Fikir was the strongest to sign a time of 2h20’45”, one minute from the race record. Not bad for a first. A time in difficulty, the Kenyan Vivian Cheruiyot, Olympic champion of the 5 000 m in 2016 but who at 39 years old had not participated in a marathon since 2019, finally took third place.

In the disabled sports category, it was the Dutchman Geert Schipper, 52 years old and second last year, who won alone in 1h 34 min 36 sec. Frenchman Julien Casoli, five-time winner of the event but quickly left behind by Schipper, took second place, more than two minutes behind, in 1h37’11”.

On the French side, in the absence of all the potential qualifiers for the Games, it was ultimately Adrien Toucas who emerged from the morning with the title of first Frenchman in the Paris marathon with a 12th place in 2h17’06”, at more than a minute from his personal best (2h15’57” in 2023, already in Paris).

Laurie Maleysson among women. In total, eleven of them finished among the top twenty.

The route, which started from the Champs-Elysées and finished near the Arc de Triomphe after passing through the woods of Vincennes and Boulogne, was very different from that which awaits the runners this summer during the Olympic marathon, which will take place on August 10 for men and August 11 for women.

During the Games, the marathon will start at the Hôtel de Ville then head towards Versailles before returning to Paris, on the Esplanade des Invalides. More than 54,000 participants were expected for this 47th edition, including 46% beginners over this distance.

The Top 10 for men:
1st. Mulugeta Uma in 2h05’33’’
2nd. Titus Kipruto in 2h05’48”
3rd. Elisha Rotich in 2h06’54”
4th. Berthwell Kipkemboi in 2h07’08’’
5th. Cosmas Muteti in 2h07’36’’
6th. Deso Gelmisa in 2h07’38’’
7th. Mathias Kyburz in 2h07’43’’
8th. Dejane Megersa in 2h08’43’’
9th. Abeje Ayana in 2h09’04”
10th. Adwin Kibichiy in 2h10’41”

The Top 10 for women:
1st. Mestawut Fikir in 2h20’45’’
2nd. Enat Tirusew in 2h20’48”
3rd. Vivian Cheruiyot in 2h21’46’’
4th. Valentina Mateiko in 2h24’21”
5th. Rahma Tusa in 2h24’48”
6th. Yenenesh Dinkesa in 2h26’00’’
7th. Medina Armino in 2h26’01”
8th. Ethlemahu Sintayehu in 2h26’03’’
9th. Emily Arusio in 2h26’08”
10th. Adanech Anbesa in 2h30’51”

The Top 10 among disabled sports athletes
1st. Geert Schipper in 1h34’36’’
2nd. Julien Casoli in 1h37’11”
3rd. Rafael Botello Jimenez in 1h48’16”
4th. Ahmed Andaloussi in 1h55’21”
5th. Ali Mehiaoui in 2h03’08”
6th. Joaquín García Díaz in 2h05’31”
7th. Richard Szesny in 2h22’22’’
8th. Rita Cuccuru in 2h35’21”
9th. Nadege Monchalin in 2h47’20’’
10th. Orane Brouillet in 3h28’26’’

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