26 mai 2024

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G7: with Malbaie, the tension is assembled political, between Trudeau and Trump… and of the fences for a demonstrator

The government deployed thousands of police officers with Malbaie, set up an end of two kilometers and built a detention centre in preparation for possible overflows, whereas the tension between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump is assembled at a few hours of the beginning of the Summit of G7, the US president affirmed Friday afternoon that the relation between the two men was very good and that much progress had been accomplished during the day.

In the small town at the edge of the river, about fifteen demonstrators only dared to show the end of the nose.
The zones free expression , this parking girdled of 70 fences, legacy of the Formula E, transported expressly from Montreal, was empty around 15:00 Empties, except for a demonstrator who held up his sign.

The US president continued on a more serious tone while affirming than progress had been accomplished during the two day old first of the Summit of the G7, which is held with the Manor Richelieu in Charlevoix.

Our relation is very good and we really work to reduce the rates and to make that very equitable for the two countries, he has advanced. We did much progress today and we will see how that will function.

The demonstrator Guillaume Lespérance, come to denounce a scandalous expenditure of public funds , the government of Justin Trudeau spent 600 million for the behaviour of G7 in Charlevoix.

You come here, one would say that you choke , regretted Guillaume Lespérance, teacher a 30 year old who lives Malbaie.

In the course of the day, about fifteen demonstrators on the whole invested the zone. There was this couple of pensioners of the Crumblings, a small group of Koreans come to deplore the bringing together between the United States and the North Korea and some Lévisiens of Ukrainian origin which wanted to denounce Russia.

A camera is fixed on a fence to film the zones free expression . The demonstrators are invited to plant itself in front of stating their claims. A sign explains why the images are broadcast inside the Manor Richelieu, where the Heads of State can look at them, or simply to be unaware of them.

Donald Trump, who published a salvo of acrimoniously messages against Justin Trudeau since Thursday evening, started by launching a joke to try to slacken the atmosphere.

Donald Trump also threatens to tear the NorthAmerican Freetrade agreement (NAFTA), or to negotiate agreements separated with Mexico and Canada it to what Ottawa is opposed.

We did much progress today and we will see how that will function, Mr. Trump said. The NAFTA could take another form. That could be with Canada, with Mexico, a bilateral agreement, much simpler and easy to make which functions much better for the two countries. We speak amongst other things about that.

Donald Trump finally allowed a last joke when a journalist asked Justin Trudeau if it were disappointed to see the president leaving Malbaie earlier than envisaged Saturday morning, a few hours before the official end of the Summit.

The Manor Richelieu is protected by a fence from 1.4 kilometer, not counting the fence of the zones free expression . With Malbaie, the police officers are everywhere, and one even installed checkpoints in surrounding villages.

The starveling number demonstrators with Malbaie does not surprise militant Angela Giles, of the Council of the Canadians. According to it, the repression and the arrests of mass in G20 of Toronto in 2010 created a climate intimidation with the country.

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