20 juillet 2024

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Pro D2: Colomiers draws at home

As part of the 6th day of Pro D2, the Provençaux managed to achieve a draw on the Colomiers pitch (19-19).

As part of the 6th day of Pro D2, the Provençaux managed to achieve a draw on the Colomiers pitch (19-19).

After fifteen days of rest, and before two new weeks of break, Colomiers and Provence Rugby had made an appointment in Haute-Garonne. And they parted as good friends (19-19). Trailing by sixteen points after a quarter of an hour of play, the Columérins made a good comeback, but frustration remains on both sides.

And the players of the Colombe club dreamed of obtaining something, against one of the best teams at the start of the season. Indeed, the men of Provence Rugby were second in the standings at kick-off, with four wins in five matches played. They had only fallen once, at Brive.

But Colomiers regained some lucidity over two big Provençal mistakes. Heron passed his first three penalties (9-16) after chronic indiscipline in the Aix ranks. The Haut-Garonnais got their hands on the ball again but Aix once again created a great testing opportunity after a nice move from the three-quarter line. Unfortunately, Léo Drouet was unable to adjust his pass for Lapègue, who went for a double.

Continuously, the locals continued their fantastic comeback. Salles missed a first attempt (44th), and the Columérins were able to take advantage of it. The light came from the bench and a decision from Sarraute, with a change of hinge. Entering with dynamism, Galthié and Javaux put a lot of speed to offer a second wind to the Michel-Bendichou stadium. On a movement in the closed, the opener, with a fake pass then a skipped pass, shifted Ponpon perfectly (16-16, 49th).

More than 50 meters away, Javaux, for the first time in the game, gave his club the advantage (19-16, 53rd), before experiencing a first failure at long distance (58th). Salles, after a penalty collected in the scrum, continued the crossover (19-19, 61st). In an unbreathable end to the game, where the battle for territory was intense, Javaux missed a new penalty (74th). Selponi was blocked on the drop of the win (80th + 1).

Before Wednesday’s matches, thanks to this draw, Provence Rugby (1st, 20 points) regains first place in Vannes. Colomiers moves back into the middle of the table (8th, 11 points).

Coach Julien Sarraute’s men could, however, rely on their solidity at home this season: two matches, two successes (Grenoble and Aurillac).
Next Friday, October 13, Colomiers will travel to Béziers. Provence Rugby will make a second trip in a row to Montauban.

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