3 décembre 2023

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This year's theme is "Agriculture: daily life". and the Overseas are the star.

The 59th edition of the International Agricultural Show (SIA) is being held at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris from February 25 to March 5, 2023. This year’s theme is “Agriculture: daily life”. and the Overseas are the star.

On February 24, the eve of the inauguration, the President of the Republic received the overseas agricultural world at the Elysée. The next day, Emmanuel Macron was present all day at the SIA with the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Marc Fesneau and the Secretary of State for the Sea, Hervé Berville.

Monday 26, it was the turn of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, to go to the show in the company of the Minister of Agriculture, Marc Fesneau and the Minister in charge of Overseas Territories, Jean-François Carenco. The visit began by the overseas territories including Polynesia, Reunion and New Caledonia. They were welcomed by local elected officials and representatives of consular chambers present in Paris. The Prime Minister then spoke about the government’s objectives for the agricultural sector in Overseas France.

Travel to overseas territories


– Martinique is back after 3 years of absence at the SIA. For the occasion, it presents its specialties: delicatessen, chocolates, coffee, medicinal plants, charcuterie, bananas, vanilla, etc…. as well as gluten-free flours but also honeys, beers. Traditional rums and punches (to be enjoyed in moderation) take part in the Concours Général Agricole. It is also possible to discover culinary shows and participate in tastings along aisles B and C of Hall 5.2.


– It is Guadeloupe that best represents the theme of the show, by highlighting the Creole garden with a tropical market, identical to the local markets offering local products such as soursop or carambola


– La Réunion a pavilion which extends over 800 m², spread over 8 blocks of 100 m² each. Inaugurated on February 27 with entertainment, the “Reunion Village” is a showcase of exceptional local products. We discover French IGP vanilla, long sweets such as honey candies, cravats (honey pastries made from rice flour and sugar fried in oil), arrowroot cooked in flan or creams, sweet potato cakes, ti-son, cassava… Another specialty of the island, the péi craftsmanship which brings together various pieces such as baskets, vacoa bags, darling straw…)

This year, the exhibitors of the Village Réunion display a small green logo intended for consumers. It represents the “100% La Réunion” brand. Buying a product classified in this category is the assurance of buying a product made in Reunion with raw materials from Reunionese lands. There are 10 stands at the Show that wear the colors of the territory.


-Guyana, a French region in South America, showcases its local specialties inspired by Brazilian and Surinamese traditions. You can taste local products at the stand (cassava juice soup, chow mein (Asian specialty reviewed by Guyana) or pepper pot (Caribbean beef stew).

Wallis and futuna

– Wallis and Futuma is exhibiting for the first time with their own stand. This is an opportunity to discover Wallisian products (coconut oil, tamanu oil, starfruit jams, Kythera plum, soursop, syrups, turmeric-based products, dried bananas, breadfruit crisps, etc.) but above all all-flower honey. Denis Ehrsam, director of the CCI and the beekeeping professions of Wallis and Futuna is present on the stand and explains that the honey produced locally comes from an agriculture without parasites, without disease, without Var and without pesticides This honey is pure but despite this had to take many steps for the importer in France. We also learn that Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia and French Polynesia should return together to the SIA under a common flag in 2024, while each keeping its own colors. Another curiosity of the stand: on March 1, an introduction to Saomako, a Wallisian dance.

New Caledonia

-The 2023 edition allows New Caledonia to present new producers, new beekeepers and new flavors. The internationally renowned chef, Alphonse Koce offers tastings of fresh “land and sea” products. Kanak weaving workshops amaze visitors.


With its traditional dishes based on bananas, cassava, rice or coconut water, Mahoran gastronomy invites visitors to discover Matsidza, Bata-bata or pialo.


On the Tahiti stand, animations, initiations to Polynesian dances and songs mingle. On the taste side, vanilla and rum and on the monoi cosmetic side and other products.

Agricultural Competition

Like every year, the Overseas Territories open the medal ceremony from the SIA, one month before the French territories. This year, they won 80 medals including 38 gold.