25 juillet 2024

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Exhibition: Notre-Dame de Paris “from Builders to Restorers”

Notre Dame de Paris, splendor of French heritage, is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Notre Dame de Paris, splendor of French heritage, is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. The Notre Dame de Paris exhibition “From Builders to Restorers” allows you to discover a journey of techniques around the restoration of the Cathedral, starting from the medieval site to the current site.

Built in the 12th century, in 1163, the construction of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral took 200 years. A major restoration lasting 20 years was carried out in the 19th century on all parts of the building, by the French architect, Eugène Viollet-le-Duc (1814-1879. He invented elements that did not did not exist to recreate an ideal monument of the Middle Ages.This project has made it possible to bring out old neglected techniques.

On April 15, 2019, a fire destroyed the wooden frame, the spire built in the 19th century and part of the vaults of the Cathedral. A vast reconstruction site immediately began. More than a hundred calls for tenders have been made by the public establishment, mobilizing the best craftsmen and the best companions from all over France. In 2021, the harvesting of the oaks necessary for the restitution of the frameworks is underway, the great organ returns to the workshops in the south of France and the paintings go to a dedicated site in Île de France. The 860-year-old Cathedral continues to reside on the Ile de la Cité in Paris.

To restore Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, scientific support for the site, made up of nine working groups, brings together numerous researchers from the CNRS (national center for scientific research) and the Ministry of Culture, for the study of the remains:

⬪ Wood and Carpentry, analyzes the remains of wood

⬪ The Monumental Decorations, for everything that is painted and sculpted

⬪ Metal, study iron and lead

⬪ The Stone, help with the diagnosis of the stones still in place

⬪ The Structure, evaluates the impact of water, wind and fire on materials

⬪ Glass, for understanding stained glass and their manufacturing process

⬪ Acoustics, works to find the acoustics of the building

⬪ Digital, to support catering

⬪ Les Emotions, questions the reactions of the public

The Cathedral will be open again to pilgrims and visitors from all over the world in 2024 after an extraordinary construction site. This deadline set by the President of the Republic is a challenge given the volume of work and the level of quality of the heritage…

Exhibition to discover until April 29, 2024.

Useful information :

City of Architecture and Heritage

Chaillot Palace, Trocadero

1 Place du Trocadéro and 11 Novembre

75116 PARIS

The Cité de l’architecture is open every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., open late on Thursdays until 9 p.m., closed on Tuesdays.


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