28 septembre 2023

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The 2023 F1 calendar contains 22 grands prix, a record number since its inception. The season opened in Bahrain on the Sakhir circuit and will end in November with the Abu Dhabi prize. This year it took place between 25 and 28 May.

The 2023 F1 calendar contains 22 grands prix, a record number since its inception. The season opened in Bahrain on the Sakhir circuit and will end in November with the Abu Dhabi prize. This year it took place between 25 and 28 May.

A mythical Grand Prix, the Monaco Grand Prix is the one that all drivers dream of winning. The race crosses Monte Carlo on a 3.227 km circuit where you have to cross the timing line 78 times for a total of 260.286 km. The circuit was designed in 1929 by Anthony Noghès, son of the president of the Automobile club of Monaco, under the auspices of Prince Louis II of Monaco

Winning in Monaco, the biggest and toughest circuit of the F1 world championship, is something you deserve, the slightest mistake in the streets of the principality can be fatal.

Big names in F1 have won this award, the first being William Grover-Williams in 1929, driving an official Bugatti from the manufacturer from Molsheim. At that time, a bonus of 100,000 francs was granted to the winner. Other great drivers succeeded him, including Graham Hill, Fangio, Prost, Senna, Schumacher or Alonso, Hamilton and this year and last year Verstappen .

History of the Automobile Club of Monaco

Following a general assembly bringing together 55 members of the SVAM (Sport, Vélocypédique et Automobile Monégasque) created in 1890 under the name of SVM and renamed in 1907 following the importance of motor vehicles, the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM ) was born in 1925. After the Automobile Club of Monaco’s application was refused by the Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs (now FIA), as no event was organized on Monegasque territory, Anthony Noguès (Commissioner General) decided to create a race in the Principality and take part in it. On April 14, 1929, Prince Pierre inaugurated the circuit for the first Grand Prix of Monaco, aboard a Torpedo Voisin driven by the race director, Charles Faroux. On his Bugatti 35B, Williams won the Grand Prix in 3h56’11” at an average speed of 80.194 km/h.

The second Grand Prix, in 1932, was opened by Sir Malcolm Campbell, who had just beaten the world speed record at 408.621 km/h.

The Grand Prix was not held between 1938 and 1947 for economic reasons, a lack of competitors and events. The competition resumed in 1948 but was canceled the following year following the death of Prince Louis II. In 1950, Juan Manuel Fangio won the 1st Grand Prix. In 1952, there was a race and then the race was again canceled until 1955. Since then, the Monaco Grand Prix has returned every year.

The E Grand Prix

With the advent of electric cars, a Formula E championship was created. A car competition organized by the FIA, it has featured only 100% electric single-seaters since September 2014, the year of the first E Grand Prix in Beijing. Since May 2015, the Monaco circuit has offered the E Prix in odd-numbered years, in addition to the Formula 1 Grand Prix every year and the Historic Grand Prix every even-numbered year.

With the Fanboost or Fan Experience, the FIA makes spectators interact by giving them the possibility of influencing the race. They can give the driver they vote for (on the official Formula E website or on social media) extra usable power for 5 seconds during the second half of the race.

The transformations of the circuit

Several transformations have taken place since the creation of the circuit

  • 1973, the road to the swimming pool which made it possible to install the stands on the Quai.
  • 1976, 2 new chicanes are set up at Ste Devote and at the exit of the Rascasse hairpin.
  • 1986, widening of the Quai des Etats-Unis which allows the creation of a new chicane.
  • 1997, the first “S” of the swimming pool is redesigned and bears the name of “Louis Chiron” bend.
  • 2003, first phase of development of the circuit affects only the southern part of the port. 5,000 m of land have been reclaimed from the sea. The circuit between the second “S” of the swimming pool and La Rascasse has been moved 10 meters from its initial location and completely redesigned. Installation of a chicane at the exit of the second corner of the swimming pool.
  • 2004, completion of work to double the width of the esplanade hosting the pit area at Bd Albert 1er by creating a building on the site of the old track between the swimming pool and La Rascasse. New stands with a surface area of 250 m² are available to each stable.

2023 Grand Prix Program

Free practice 3 took place on Saturday May 27 between 1 and 2 p.m. while qualifying practice took place from 4 p.m. the starting grid between 2:20 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. The start of the 80th Monaco Grand Prix was given at 3 p.m., for 7 laps with a maximum duration of 120 minutes. in front of thousands of spectators and guests, including the Franco-Colombian painter Miguel Prieto Verastegui, whose steps we followed during this great adventure of the Grand Prix.

The first 10 drivers in the classification of the 80th Monaco Grand Prix

Podium – Driver                       TEAM                                Points

1 .Max Verstappen                   NED/Red Bull                     144 points
2. Sergio Pérez                          MEX/Red Bull                     105 pts
3. Fernando Alonso                ESP/Aston Martin                  93 pts
4. Lewis Hamilton                    GBT/Mercedes                      69 pts
5. George Russell                     GBT/Mercedes                       50 pts
6. Carlos Sainz                          ESP/Ferrari                            48 pts
7. Charles Leclerc                     MON/Ferrari                         42 pts
8. Lance Stroll                          CAN/Aston Martin                27 pts
9. Esteban Ocon                        Alpine                                      21 pts
10. Pierre Gasly                         Alpine                                      14 pts

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