29 septembre 2023

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Before his visit to Lyon and Paris, Raoni Metuktire, emblematic defender of the Brazilian Amazon forest, was in Cannes to defend the cause that is close to his heart.

Before his visit to Lyon and Paris, Raoni Metuktire, emblematic defender of the Brazilian Amazon forest, was in Cannes to defend the cause that is close to his heart.

On May 18, the cacique Raoni of the Kayapo people, climbed the steps of the Palais du Festival de Cannes to come and discover the 5th part of Indiana Jones, “Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny”.

We particularly know Chief Raoni and his cause thanks to an award-winning documentary at Cannes in 1973. This film was shot in Brazil, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, by director and photographer Jean-Pierre Dutilleux. The title is “Raoni” and the subject is about the Kayapo tribe and their leader, the famous Raoni, who fight to preserve the Amazon rainforest.

The Zero Deforestation campaign

Raoni’s visit is part of an outstanding new global campaign that responds to the protection of the Amazon rainforest in the face of climate change. This tour is an opportunity to meet the great tribal leaders: Raoni, defender of the Amazon; Tapi, representative of the peoples of the Upper Xingu reserve; Watatakalu, leader of the Brazilian movement ANMIGA (National Articulation of Indigenous Women Warriors of Ancestry) and her nephew Bemoro.

The association AFV (Association Forêt Vierge) had already organized a first global campaign by Chief Raoni to warn against deforestation in the Amazon. 116,000 km² were added and declared indigenous territories in 1993. The Brazilian government and 12 twin associations raised the necessary funds for the delimitation of this new indigenous territory. Together with the Xingu Park, these 2 contiguous territories form the great reserve of the Rio Xingu, one of the largest tropical reserves on the planet.

Raoni and his delegation made a world tour, in 2019 they were able to meet several European leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron, Pope Francis, Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg as well as the mayors of Paris, Lyons and Brussels.

The 9th campaign, “Zero Deforestation Objective”, in partnership with the AFV association, takes place from May 11 to June 12, 2023. It aims to raise funds from public and private donors in order to carry out concrete actions. The delegation meets the representatives of the cities, the public, the business leaders. On May 22, she interacts with the students of the Germaine Tillon eco-school to raise awareness of this cause by delivering a message and seeking new opportunities for cooperation to strengthen efforts to conserve the Amazon rainforest. The next day, she visited the forest areas in reconversion of the Military Health Schools of Bron. The “Women for Amazon” event, dedicated to women entrepreneurs, is hosted by Watatakalu.

President Lula and deforestation

Deforestation is a subject that is close to the heart of President Lula. indeed, 4 months after his election, deforestation in the Amazon has dropped by 68%. The President has also promised to end it by 2030. Moreover, King Charles III, a great defender of the environment, is said to have asked the Brazilian President, during their meeting in London, to “take care” of the problem of the Amazon and deforestation.