11 décembre 2023

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Pro D2: the Columérins are definitively eliminated from the qualification race

A colorful 28th day of Pro D2.

It was time to wake up and regain confidence for US Colomiers, which we received at home Rouen Normandy at the Michel-Bendichou stadium, this Friday, April 14.

Colomiers had the opportunity to reconnect with the top 6 during their last reception but failed to do so by falling at home against Rouen Normandie despite a defensive bonus (17-18).

Colomiers, then at home will not have succeeded in overthrowing Rouen, it is likely that the Rouennais rear, Peter Lydon, is not for nothing. 13 minutes before the end of the match Colomiers led 17 to 15 and looked set to win the Pro D2 match. It was without counting on the Irish Lydon who changed the match by achieving an incredible drop of 50 meters.

Peter Lydon, not at all impressed either by the distance or by his opponents, came to catch the ball on the center line before sending it between the two posts. A success that allows the Normans to win 3 additional points. After 13 long minutes without giving up, Rouen won the victory 18 to 17.

Faced with a team that they beat in the first leg and against whom they obtained at least the defensive bonus in the last 4 confrontations, the Normans would be well advised to bring back a point from the lawn of Colomiers on Friday evening to avoid to sink to the bottom of the Pro D2 ranking.