3 décembre 2023

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The preview of the film "Notre tout petit petit mariage" took place in Paris on April 25 at the UGC Bercy cinema in the presence of the film crew.

The preview of the film “Notre tout petit petit mariage” took place in Paris on April 25 at the UGC Bercy cinema in the presence of the film crew.


Just when they were thinking of getting married in private to finalize their desire for a child, Max and Lou find themselves at a surprise party with 300 guests, which becomes unmanageable for them.

The couple want to adopt a child and have planned everything by filling out an almost perfect file, but assembled from scratch, to satisfy the adoption commission. Unfortunately, the event does not go as planned and the “married” will have to face unforeseen events and overflows on which they did not count. If they wanted neither family nor friends, no bouquet or wedding cake, even less silly speeches and stupid dances, it doesn’t happen like that. From 4 people planned, they find themselves overwhelmed with 300 guests.

The Film Crew Presents

Frédéric Quiring presents his new film, with a title always full of superlatives, as for the previous one, “La très très grande classe”, a noisy comedy released in 2022.

Ahmed Sylla, the interpreter of Max made the trip as well as his partner Camille Lou who is Lou in the film. They were surrounded by Lola Marois; Florent Peyre accompanied by the mother of his 5-year-old son, Marius; Virginie Stref who carried a bridal bouquet but also Enora Malagré. The actors posed in front of the photocall where a fushia pink inflatable mini-church awaited them.

Mixed reviews

If Camille Lou’s acting is convincing and that of Ahmed Sylla praised for its accuracy, the rest of the film meets many criticisms between over-acting, clichés and failed jokes. For some, it’s not funny or touching. There are Chippendales, a grandmother who undresses players at strip poker, all done with camcorders or laptops. and as soon as a joke is tendentious, everything must be done not to cross the red line, especially in the area of racism.

The film is funny, a little crazy with a colorful scenario. This 1 hour 23 minute romantic comedy was released in theaters on April 26.