23 avril 2024

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Pension reform: the image of democracy was tarnished during the demonstration a deputy clubbed by CRS


The scene is already spinning on social networks, and particularly abroad.

LFI deputy Antoine Léaument, elected from the 10th district of Essonne, received several baton blows from CRS, following a charge in Place de la Bastille, during Thursday’s demonstration against pension reform.

On the videos, we can see several lines of CRS, shields raised, in direct contact with the crowd. Antoine Léaument, identifiable thanks to his tricolor scarf, then had his back to the police when he received two baton blows.

The international press follows the events taking place in France and tells how the attitude decided by the government and by President EMMANUEL MACRON has degenerated. In the European Parliament but also in the Member States, the echo that an MEP was beaten during yesterday’s demonstration in Paris suggests that the fault lies with those who give directives (the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin ).

In a democratic country like France, I believe that there is no freedom of expression and no human rights as France provides. Laurentiu, a Romanian, saw this video and considers himself much freer in Romania, despite his country being communist 30 years ago. “In Romania, the police are aggressive, but when it comes to a politician, even a town councilor protects him whatever the circumstances, I see that in France they ignore them and do not respect them, even if they voted for them.”

In the crowd movement that follows, a third blow is dealt to him as he tries to protect his skull. “It’s okay, don’t worry, I was at the Assembly tonight to fight,” reassured the elected official in the evening on Twitter. “That an opposition deputy in a sling takes this kind of blow says a lot about the rule of law in France”, he nevertheless underlines.

The deputy specifies that at the time of the charge “the demonstrators were completely non-violent” and that he had come “to tell a violent CRS to calm down and stop typing blindly (failed)”.

In response to David Le Bars, secretary general of the union of national police commissioners, who criticized his presence in Place de la Bastille after the end of the demonstration, Antoine Léaument reacted by asking “how to control law enforcement operations if I am not here ? »

The police control the action of parliamentarians now?
It left with question marks and we understand that the police have become the political instrument of the government, after the last question broadcast on twitter by the deputy LFI Antoine Léaument.

Antoine Léaument, presented himself to the National Assembly and gave his speech demanding the withdrawal of the pension reform law, even after being attacked during the demonstration.

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