28 septembre 2023

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Championship: Toulouse Olympique, a festive day and a victory against SHEFFIELD

In the last 9 confrontations between TO XIII and Sheffield, it is the Olympians who have an advantage over their rival.

June 17 was a day of events at the Ernest-Wallon stadium.

Before the return match Toulouse Olympique – Sheffield, the Ernest-Wallon stadium hosted two major events in the Treiz world. At the end of the morning first: the challenge of the departmental rugby schools, organized by the Departmental Committee of the Rugby League at XIII and the Departmental Council of Haute-Garonne. Nearly 400 young talents were expected on the pitch adjoining the Walloon from 12 p.m., access to which was free for the general public.

For the first time since the Olympians took up residence at Stade Ernest-Wallon, the Interliga U17 final took place at the Honor stadium as a curtain raiser. The Occitanie selection met the CNJ selection at 3:30 p.m.

Finally at 6 p.m., the team hosted by the Sheffield Eagles for the 15th day of the Championship – Revenge Goal. During their meeting in March, the TO lost heavily to the English (32-04).

The show continued for TO

On the side of TO XIII, we must continue the good dynamic. Indeed, coming home 2 weeks ago with a win against Halifax was good for the players as they managed to follow up with a win for the then undefeated leaders. Winning the match against Sheffield allowed the Olympians to place themselves well in view of the play-offs.

In the last 9 confrontations between TO XIII and Sheffield, it is the Olympians who have an advantage over their rival.

Toulouse Olympique remain undefeated at home

After their victory against Featherstone, Toulouse Olympique continues with another big success against Sheffield (48-10).

Toulouse Olympique played the match against the Sheffield Eagles on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. on the 15th day of the championship.
On the injury side, the Toulouse group must therefore do without the services of Reubenn Rennie injured in the Achilles tendon, but also of Ramon Silva, injured in the thigh.
As for the absences already known, Hugo Pezet remains unavailable (return protocol following a concussion), as do Olly Ashall-Bott (knee) and Benjamin Laguerre (shoulder).

It starts badly for the TO. Sheffield’s first string ends with an attacking kick that Paul Marcon watches. Sene Lefao inherits the ball and just has to flatten. 0-6. The first attack of the TO does not succeed. Under defensive pressure, Brochon’s pass is forward. In these first minutes, the pack of Sheffield advances more than that of Toulouse.

The Toulouse, stunned, recover in the direction of travel 10 minutes later. And how ! Sylvain HOULES’ men score 3 tries in less than 10 minutes thanks to Lambert BELMAS, Maxime STEFANI and the inevitable Guy ARMITAGE.

Jake Shorrocks converts, 6-6. The Eagles kickoff is direct in touch. Toulouse is in the opposing 20 meters. Maxime Stefani took advantage of a low line to score on his own in force. 10-6. But the Blues and Whites took the lead, 14-6 in the 25th minute.

The Haut-Garonnais consolidate their advantage 5 minutes later with the test of the pillar Greg RICHARDS, transformed by Jake SHORRCOCKS. The score will not move, 20-6 at halftime.

Back from the locker room

The TO dictates its rhythm and recites its rugby. Two tries in 4 minutes, by Mathieu JUSSAUME and on the 15th try of the season by Guy ARMITAGE replaced in the center.

Josh Ralph breaks through and finds Guy Armitage for the double. In the process, new breakthrough of the TO. Robin Brochon is at the relay, it is Mathieu Jussaume who inherits the ball and scores in the corner. 30-6 since Jake Shorrocks missed the first transformation and passed the second.

The rest of the second act is an offensive recital, STEFANI and RICHARDS both score a double. 68th minute of play, Sheffield reduces the gap by LIU. Then Josh RALPH gives himself a try in the dying seconds.

After a short period of calm, Toulouse is once again accelerating. Ralph, very fit today, still finds the fault. It was Greg Richards who finished the job and also scored his double, 36 to 6 with the conversion. Josh Ralph again and again. His release finds Maxime Stefani who in turn scores a double.

Sheffield short kick off recovered. Six again against Toulouse and the Eagles who have not come into the opposing camp for ages register their second try. 42-10. In the pointless foul section, Akauola puts a huge pad on empty and receives a red card. The score is still 42-10 and both teams seem content with it.

Josh Ralph, the man of the match snatches the ball on his 40m, navigates in the defense, gets rid of 2 or 3 tackles and accelerates on 50 meters to conclude. Toulouse Olympique won and took revenge against the Eagles, 48-10.

The TO XIII confirms and wins a direct competitor in the final stages. Good operation also in the standings because Toulouse temporarily goes back to 2nd place in the championship tied with their evening opponents and the Batley Bulldogs. All eyes are now on the reception next Saturday against Bradford, same place, same time. Match placed under the sign of inclusion.

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