5 octobre 2022

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A complete range of Mercedes, Smart and Ford brands, from 100% electric city cars to Trucks and LCVs, is distributed on the Côte d'Azur. In addition, 2021 has seen the launch of electric vehicles such as the 100% electric Mercedes A-Class, the new Mercedes EQV, the electric-only Smart range and the new Ford Puma hybrid.

BYmyCAR, one of the leading French automobile distribution groups, offers a newopportunity to its customers, individuals or companies: the launch of the car subscription.This offer comes after the short and long term rental with option to buy and the VTC tripsmarcel.

What is the BYmyCAR car subscription?

The Car Subscription offer is all inclusive. It is a flexible subscription offer on aduration from 1 to 12 months and a wide choice of vehicles (utilities, city cars or sedans). second handunder 36 months. Possibility to extend up to 24 months. Vehicles are weaklykilometersSubscriptions are free of charge. The monthly payment varies according to the duration of the commitment. andthe customer can terminate his subscription at the end of each month with only one month’s notice.week.

How does this work?

This mobility package is without contribution or duration of commitment. Everything is included., insurance, assistanceand maintenance. Adapted to the needs of customers, it offers them a triple advantage: choice, flexibility andcontrolled budget.Each chosen period has a price. However, if the customer returns the vehicle earlier, the monthly payment isrecalculated on the price corresponding to the use. If he keeps the vehicle beyond that, a tariffdegressive is applied.

Other Membership Benefits

For individuals:

• One day of short-term rental per month, to be chosen among the various categories ofvehicles.

• 10% discount on all VTC journeys made with “Marcel”.

For companies:

• 10% discount on all VTC journeys made with “Marcel”.

Where can I find the BYmyCar car subscription?

You can now find the “Car Subscription” package in 5 of the group’s dealerships, inIle de France, Burgundy, Lorraine and the Côte d’Azur: Audi Dijon, BMW Chennevières-sur-Marne, Renault Nancy, Mercedes-Benz-Smart Villeneuve-Loubet and Volkswagen Ahuy. He isoffered at the moment, in the following brands: Renault, Volkswagen, Audi, Smart, BMW and mercedes.

An extension of the offer in France but also in Europe, is planned for 2022 on allbrands, used vehicles and new cars.

For any information or reservation, you can find the “mysubscription” tab next to theprevious: “myNeuf”, “myOccasion”, “myElectrique” and “myConcession”, on the site https://www.bymycar.fr

Who is the BYmyCAR group?

Founded in 2009 by Jean-Louis Mosca and Gérard Gerbier, the BYmyCAR group is a majorindependent French operator. BYmyCAR offers premium, generalist and low cost brands,that can meet the desires and needs of all budgets. Since June 2020, Carlos Gomes(exPSA) has joined the brand as Managing Director in order to instil a new evolutionfocused on “phygital”.

Each year, BYmyCAR sells nearly 80,000 vehicles in its 90 dealerships divided intoFrance, in different regions: Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Lorraine,Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Switzerland.

Thanks to its network of official dealerships, the group has access to 100% of the models of 19 brands.It allows the maintenance of vehicles according to the specificities of the model and the standards of the manufacturer.The technicians are approved by each manufacturer and guarantee the maintenance of the vehicle.

It is also possible to buy your car on bymycar.fr and have it delivered to your home in complete safety.security. The site also offers a sales process and appointment scheduling for maintenance or repair.

To date, the group employs nearly 2,900 people who are committed to customers.

BYmyCAR brands

They are 19 in number for new or used vehicles and the choice is possible in 7categories: City car, SUV, Minivan, Break, Sedan, Convertible or Utility. For electrics,there are 15 brands to choose from and 12 for hybrids.

• Abarth: New, Used

• Alfa Romeo: New, Used

• Audi: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• BMW: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• BMW I: New, Used

• Cupra: New, Used, Hybrid

• Dacia: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• Fiat: New, Used, Electric

• Ford: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• Mercedes: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• Mini: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• Nissan: New, Used, Electric

• Opel: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• Peugeot: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• Renault: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• Seat: New, Used, Electric

• Skoda: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

• Smart: New, Used, Electric

• Volkswagen: New, Used, Electric, Hybrid

What are BYmyCAR’s ambitions?

According to Elisa Polota, Managing Director of BYmyCAR Côte d’Azur, “the group’s strategy is tobecome the 1st group to position itself as a “phygital” player with the development of platform www.bymycar.fr and be identified as the 1st online car store.

“The takeover of the Mercedes Smart subsidiaries in 2016 then that of Ford Nice and Cannes in 2018 enabled development by region and by brand on the main eastern axis of France.”

A complete range of Mercedes, Smart and Ford brands, from the 100% electric city car to Trucks via LCVs, is distributed on the Côte d’Azur. Moreover, the year 2021 has seencome the launch of electric vehicles such as the 100% electric Mercedes A-Class, the new Mercedes EQV, the electric-only Smart range and the new Ford Puma hybrid.

In conclusion, according to Carlos Gomes, Director of the BYmyCAR group, “this new subscription once again gives motorists freedom of choice” It completes the offer already made up ofshort and long term rental with option to buy. “BYmyCAR registers as the partnerdaily mobility for everyone by always being able to offer the most suitable solutionto their needs, from 10 minutes with the VTC Marcel offer, to several months or years with the acquisition of a vehicle”.

For Christophe Pineau, Strategy and Mobility Director of the BYmyCAR group, “More a minimum of constraints, the group wanted to provide maximum freedom to motorist”. It is a “triple advantage offered to customers” with “vehicles in excellent conditionand low kilometres” without forgetting the period of use they choose and the insurance, assistance andmaintenance included.

Mercedes-Benz BYmyCAR Côte d’Azur:

63 avenue des Baumettes 06270 Villeneuve Loubet Tel. 04 92 02 67 00

567 bis Avenue du Campon 06110 Le Cannet Tel. 04 93 69 05 05

83 Boulevard Gambetta 06000 Nice Tel. 04 93 97 70 70