23 avril 2024

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World Tourism and Nature Destinations Fair 2024

47th edition of the World Tourism Fair with 200 exhibitors and more than 66,000 visitors.

47th edition of the World Tourism Fair with 200 exhibitors and more than 66,000 visitors.

Conferences to discover places of memory, such as the Maison Caillebotte in Yerres, night trains in Europe which are making a comeback, or to learn how to create a travel diary… so many interesting subjects if there ever was one.

From one stand to another, we go on a journey to Japan, the Seychelles, Jamaica, Cyprus, Mahgreb, Africa, Polynesia, Thailand…
If you prefer to stay in France, the Salon offers accommodation in regions with particularly rich natural and built heritage, such as the Montagne Bourbonnaise or the Pays de Montbéliard.

You can also leave the Metropolis to fly to Guadeloupe, which welcomes you royally with ti’punch, chicken colombo and “torment of love”.

We learn what the cost of a road trip in the USA is in the heart of the National Parks of the American West, we dream in front of the Swiss panoramic luxury trains just as on the Norwegian Coastal Express (a cruise ship), we salivate at the idea of a gourmet trip to Champagne.

Note an evolution towards more intense and authentic experiences, such as “vanlife”, an escape in a converted van, offering more freedom than a camper van due to its small size, solidarity travel to act internationally or even the scientific expedition which allows you to contribute to research and the preservation of nature.
We also care about controlling our carbon footprint by limiting our travel by plane and car.

In hall 4, we passed without realizing it the Destinations Nature Salon.
Cycling on the cycle routes of France, Corsica, Portugal or even Bali, hiking in the Creuse in Costa Rica, trail on the volcanoes of the Andes, trek in Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan… the themes are varied.

The major players in the sector were present, the Vieux Campeur, the IGN, the Guide du Routard, Décathlon, Ushuaïa Villages, VVF… but also French regions which presented their products, such as Burgundy-Franche-Comté: the ” Cassissium” Burgundian from Maison Védrenne in Nuits-Saint-Georges, renowned for its most decorated crème de cassis in the world, its liqueurs and syrups, the “Biscuits de Montbozon” which caused a sensation at the Court of Versailles in the time of Louis XIV.

Have a good trip! Have a good trip! Gute Reise! Good way! Buon viaggio! Drum bun! Kalo taxidi! Iyi yolculuklar! Có một chuyến đi tốt!

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