23 avril 2024

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IT Partners 2024: nearly 20% new exhibitors

IT Partners has become an essential meeting place for all professionals, offering a framework conducive to exchanges and discoveries of new solutions.

IT Partners has become an essential meeting place for all professionals, offering a framework conducive to exchanges and discoveries of new solutions.

The professional event brings together communities from the IT, telecommunications and audiovisual industries for in-depth discussions, always at Disneyland Paris, as has been the case since its creation in 2006.

The IT Partners team recently announced that for this new edition, there would be 20% new exhibitors. This is rather good news in order to enrich the diversity and appeal of the show.

This event is also an opportunity for Sewan to present its product developments as well as its next priority projects (Cybersecurity and Cloud in particular), to offer demonstrations of its Sophia management platform and to reaffirm the contours of its unique distributor partnership model including a 360° and tailor-made support. Polymorphic nature of business telephony, deployment and maturity of fiber, exponential increase in cybersecurity needs, rise in power of the Cloud… the various Sewan spokespersons present on site will also be able to discuss the major trends expected in the sector for the year 2024.

During the premier IT show, Pantum will connect with a wide variety of customer groups and exploit new market opportunities, with the aim of amplifying its brand recognition across Europe and the wider industry.

At IT Partners 2024, Pantum will introduce the Smart Classic Series, a cost-effective printing solution with a compact design to suit your office and setup.

– High print quality at 22 pages per minute (ppm) for A4 paper (monochrome)
– Driver-free setup for Windows 10/11 and one-click driver installation for other operating systems
– Versatile connectivity options including USB, wired connections, dual-band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,
– Pantum mobile app for seamless connectivity
– Auto ID card copy correction feature
– Select models equipped with an automatic document feeder (ADF) for improved functionality and productivity.

The Pantum Vibrant 20 series addresses a wide range of usage scenarios. It’s ideal for small or home offices, offering high printing speed and versatile features that improve office productivity.

– High print speed at 20 ppm for monochrome and color
– ENERGY STAR ® 3.0 compliant ceramic heating technology
– Cartridge options of up to 3,000 pages in monochrome and 2,500 pages in color
– Improved connectivity options: wired and wireless networks,
– Bluetooth, USB and shared printers
– One-click driver installation for quick and effortless setup
– Auto ID card copy correction feature
– CM2100ADW model with elegant design and 3.5-inch touch screen
– Advanced functions: borderless printing, watermark and management of multi-page documents
– High security printers with Nessus and AWVS tests for document protection.

The Ultra 330 series, on the other hand, stands out as a highly efficient model for office applications, combining high-quality printing, advanced features and robust security measures.

– Fast start-up time and preheat function
– High speed printing at 30 ppm for monochrome and color
– 55 ppm scanning rate and 110-page automatic document feeder (ADF)
– High-resolution LED printing capabilities up to 1200 x 2400 dpi (color) and 1200 x 1200 dpi (monochrome)
– User-friendly 7-inch touchscreen and various finishing options
– Security features: password protection, user authentication and encryption options
– Advanced document management with watermarking, booklet creation and versatile scanning options.

A space in which conferences are offered whose themes allow IT security issues to be addressed from various angles. IT Partners 2024 is also continuing its partnership with the audiovisual wholesaler FVS, which last year offered an innovation space dedicated to the connected city. Resellers visiting the show will also have the opportunity to visit Le Village Start up _Go to Channel again, deployed in partnership with IT Facto (Distributique publishing group). There will be 20 young companies from the new technology sector looking for partners to market their offers.

“At the beginning of February, the most represented sectors were, in order, cybersecurity, networks, cloud computing, unified communications and software. This was exactly the situation that prevailed in 2023. We also note an increase in the power of storage and data intelligence players from one year to the next. AI and robotics have also progressed but this represents few players among our exhibitors,” explains the director of IT Partners.

Acer, in fact, is taking advantage of the IT Partners show to exhibit its most recent offers. On the menu, eco-responsible PCs from the Vero range, made from recycled materials, rugged terminals and even chromebooks.

MCA Connect is a global systems integrator and independent software vendor specializing in modern manufacturing, Microsoft Cloud and manufacturing excellence. A Microsoft Azure and business application solutions partner, MCA Connect delivers innovative technology solutions and services that help manufacturing companies improve business outcomes using world-class processes built on the Microsoft cloud.

MCA Connect is a modern analytics platform providing self-service business intelligence while enabling advanced machine learning and AI to give customers a competitive advantage in Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.

IT Partners leaves Disneyland Paris

Next year, IT Partners will take place at the Paris La Défense Arena stadium, located in Nanterre (92). The place will offer 4,000 square meters of additional space.

Compared to the 9,200 square meters offered by the two marquees under which the IT show has taken place so far in Paris, La Défense Arena offers 4,000 more. Enough to allow organizers to overcome the physical constraints which limited the capacity to accommodate more exhibitors.

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