23 avril 2024

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The World Tourism Fair offers you the idea of a vacation

The earth with its four corners offers you the opportunity to schedule your vacations at the tourism fair held in Paris. Discover Africa, Asia, America or Europe, through the 200 exhibitors, what makes your trip around the world and organizes your vacation.

The earth with its four corners offers you the opportunity to schedule your vacations at the tourism fair held in Paris. Discover Africa, Asia, America or Europe, through the 200 exhibitors, what makes your trip around the world and organizes your vacation.

The doors to the 47th edition of the World Tourism Fair are wide open, from March 14 to 17, 2024, at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles to offer them “an ocean of possibilities”.

Among the 400 destinations offered and the 200 exhibitors at the Show, certain tourist proposals (in France) really stand out from the crowd. Attention globetrotters looking for new ideas.

In order to help visitors in their research and offer them new ideas, the World Tourism Fair will set up spaces and thematic routes which will allow them to easily find the players who can meet their needs.

In any case, there is something for everyone, from a weekend in the Bay of Somme to an excursion to the Harar desert in Ethiopia. The Show boasts 200 exhibitors for more than 400 destinations offered. Among them, behemoths in the sector, logically expected: the Croatian or Moroccan Tourist Office, the Backpacker’s Guide, MSC Cruises… But also, more marginal, or even downright original, tourist proposals. Enough to inspire a new kind of vacation but also, for the most part, to tell about new travel habits of the French, who seem to be more and more likely to want to get closer to nature, to their well-being (physical as well as spiritual). ), to make a trip that makes ecological sense or simply makes sense.

“Guadeloupe Passion Caraibes” is interested in travelers looking for new experiences. On the first day of the show, held on Thursday March 14, discussions were lively around the opportunities offered to both tourists and locals wishing to explore the island’s treasures from a different perspective.

The objective of this event organized by “Guadeloupe Passion Caraibe” is to share the history and culture of rums. The experience aims to offer an immersion similar to that which a visitor could experience if they explored the champagne terroirs or the cognac regions, thus allowing a true sensory and cultural discovery.

Memory tourism

In 10 years, remembrance tourism has regained popularity among travelers who see it as an opportunity to enrich their culture but also to interest and raise awareness of History among the younger generation through increasingly educational means.

In 2024, memory tourism will once again be highlighted as we will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy and the Var. The Ministry of the Armed Forces will take stock of the numerous meetings already planned, such as the inauguration, on June 6, 2024, of the newly renovated Arromanches Landing Museum. Remember that it was the first museum built to commemorate June 6, 1944 and the Battle of Normandy.

The show is an opportunity to stock up on ideas in this area: the art of travel diaries and photography will no longer hold any secrets for travelers with specific workshops for preserving their memories in an original way.

Visit Africa

Rapa Nui, famous Easter Island, (Dirección de turismo municipal de Rapa Nui), Cape Verde (Protour), Djibouti (National Tourism Agency of Djibouti) are some of the new destinations already announced, to which are added the Seychelles (Seychelles Tourist Office), Cuba (Cuba Tourist Office) or Ethiopia (Ethiopia Traditions Travel Tour).

The charms of Africa will be discovered thanks to the specialized agencies and receptionists present. Laba Africa Expeditions will offer treks to meet gorillas or chimpanzees, safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan or Tanzania, among others.

Botswana and Southern Africa will be explored during a family safari, or a honeymoon with the French-speaking agency Africa Cœur Safaris.


From autumn 2023, travelers will be able to go to Cork (Ireland), Stockholm Arlanda (Sweden), Bucharest Otopeni (Romania), Tirana (Albania) and Copenhagen (Denmark), from Paris Beauvais airport is full of news destinations.

Thrill-seekers will be able to test the latest activities at Europa Park, the 2nd busiest leisure park in Europe, which announces the opening of a roller coaster in the heart of a new Croatian village.


Cruising is changing. In response to current issues of preservation, decarbonization, flows, etc., companies are continuing to develop solutions to move towards zero impact. At the show, they will present their new destinations and offers (including many French-speaking cruises), but also their technical advances. Already announced: Grands Espaces, Hurtigruten and MSC Cruises.


In France, the 72 municipalities of the Pays de Montbéliard will be in the spotlight in 2024 since the territory will benefit from the title of French Capital of Culture (Pays de Montbéliard Tourisme).

The Côte des Bar in Champagne will be the playground for wine lovers (more than 8,000 hectares of vines), history enthusiasts (Clairvaux Abbey, Château de Vaux, Commanderie d’Avalleur, etc.) or art enthusiasts ( Essoyes, homeland of the Renoir family). This territory can also be explored through outdoor activities such as canoe trips on the Aube or the Seine, mountain biking, cycling, hiking, etc.

Bringing together 11 typical villages of Provence, the Cœur du Var tourist office offers another point of view on this department notoriously known for its coastline. The Heart of Var offers a dive into the atypical Provence where nature is queen and where a path can be discovered to discover a thousand and one natural, heritage or artistic wonders: from Lac des Escarcets to the Plaine des Maures, via the Sculpture Park de Peyrassol and its renowned artists or the Thoronet Abbey, representative of Cistercian art.

Several agencies now offer to organize stays to travel across Europe on the rails. “Norway from bottom to top, to reach Lapland, is in high demand,” representatives of Railtrip.travel tell us. “Just like Vienna, accessible by night train from Paris.”

With Terra scientifica, travelers can quench their thirst for knowledge with immersive experiences guided by experts from all fields, “while directly contributing to scientific research and the preservation of nature.”

Nudist vacations

In terms of surprises, the presence of the French Nudism Federation at the Salon could surprise some. In Île-de-France alone, activities range from hiking to pool diving to archery. Next important event: the Pantin beach volleyball tournament, April 20.

Olympic vacation

This year, the Summer Olympics will be held in France, where tourists from all over the world will visit France, especially Paris, to watch the Olympic and Paralympic games. An occasion that places France at the forefront of the international scene, this year in Paris and Normandy.

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