25 juillet 2024

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Paris: The African Book Fair highlighted by its 3rd edition

The 2024 edition is structured around the theme “Breaking down barriers, rethinking futures”.

The African Book Fair took place in Paris from March 15 to 17, bringing together authors, publishers and literature enthusiasts to celebrate the richness and diversity of the continent’s stories. The 2024 edition is structured around the theme “Breaking down barriers, rethinking futures”.

Many big names in African literature participated in the show and signed their works, including Fann Attiki, Gaëlle Bélem, Hemley Boum, Tanella Boni, Diade Dembele, Boubacar Boris Diop, Asya Djoulaït, Eugène Ebodé, Charline Effah, Elgas, Boniface Mongo M’Boussa, Dibakana Mankessi, Eric Mukendi, Wilfried N’Sondé, Michèle Rakotoson, Rodney Saint-Eloi, Anne Terrier, Marc Alexandre Oho Bembe, Beata Umubeyi Maire, … etc.

Paris is the capital of African Books. The 2024 edition of the Paris African Book Fair, having brought together nearly 200 authors and 80 publishers from Africa, Europe, America and the Caribbean, to “celebrate the diversity of literature and ‘a thought in full effervescence’.

A tribute was paid to the great Henri Lopes, who died a few months ago, and to the great poet Tchicaya U Tam’si.

The 3rd African Book Fair in Paris was also marked by the creation of two literary prizes which will be awarded:
– The Africa Grand Prize (for French-speaking writers), former Black African Literary Grand Prize, created by Adelf, was assigned to the Psychoanalyst of Brazzaville by Dibakana Mankessi;
– The Fine Books on Africa Prize, from the Maison de l’Afrique in Paris, was awarded to Dieudonné Niangouna.

Érick Monjour, head of the Salon, considers that “this allows many authors to be able to present books, to have the pleasure of writing without waiting for a publisher to accept them and that, he adds, is new because today we have printing on demand possibilities that did not exist before. »

This method is regularly used for children’s books and is a way to bring a new audience to reading.

Youth comics and African superheroes

Junior Mac Donald Beckley is author and illustrator of Muntu Warriors, a children’s comic book which features African superheroes. Self-published in France, he has so far sold 2,500 copies of his works. With his comics, he wants to convey African stories, tales and legends throughout the world.

The third edition ended in harmony and fun with music and exhibitions. See you next year for the fourth edition.

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