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After 2 years of absence due to the pandemic, the Salon de la photo was back in Paris from October 6 to 9, 2022 at the Grande Halle de la Villette (75019).

After 2 years of absence due to the pandemic, the Salon de la photo was back in Paris from October 6 to 9, 2022 at the Grande Halle de la Villette (75019).

For its big comeback, unlike other international fairs such as its German counterpart, Photokina, the Paris Photo Fair has changed its environment by leaving Porte de Versailles for a new formula with workshops ‘honor. This new edition favored photography and video. On this occasion, photographers, videographers, amateurs, professionals, neophytes and manufacturers were able to meet to discover new products and test the products. Workshops, in & out-door masterclasses, not to mention the exhibitions available to everyone.

The biggest brands in the world were part of it, as well as schools and professional groups to meet the expectations of visitors. In addition, the sales village completed the show in order to be able to equip itself with equipment and technological innovations, whether it concerns printing, storage, digital retouching, video editing. Workshops and training courses have made it possible to be better informed.

Photo of the great exhibition

The Great Photo Exhibition, free of charge, was one of the highlights of the show, devoted to one or more photographic artists or to a collection. This year, it presented a hundred beautiful and touching works by Françoise Huguier on the theme “From women to women”.

Her work marks the intimacy of women, most of the time alone, in Burkina Faso and Mali, but also in St Petersburg in community apartments and in Deauville in social housing. In the baths in polar Siberia and in Japan, his encounters allowed him to follow them at home and to photograph them in their daily lives. In Korea, she noticed that most women didn’t work but took care of everything. Having known the war since the age of 8, she learned to become a revolutionary but she tries to understand before shooting.
She also presented the “Toute” exhibition in partnership with the “Visa pour l’image” festival in Perpignan. It was part of the Perpignan exhibition that took place in September which celebrated 50 years of photojournalism by Françoise Huguier.

Other exhibitions, workshops and conferences

Most of the big brands had their stand like Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sony, Fujifilm, Sigma, etc (…). They offered exhibitions but also conferences to help visitors in their quest for professional information, whether they were novices, experienced or professionals. It was possible to have the photographers’ books autographed. During the workshops, we could learn how to use the novelties but also how the equipment works.


  • Portfolio readings/ 13 experts at your service
  • Canon Workshops: Building an artistic shot with the Turk
  • The taste of milk, International Culinary Photo Festival
  • Discovery of printing techniques at the Picto Laboratory
  • The winners of the “Canon Talents Awards” competition, Paris Sport photo
  • book signings
  • Reading portfolios
  • Corporate portrait from the reception to the selection of images, The exit of a photo shoot.
  • Canon live stories (immersion in images in the world of images for the th edition).
  • Thomas Deshayes: Behind the scenes of an expedition to Norway
  • Canon workshops: Learn the basics of video and filming techniques with JC Pieri.
  • Canon Workshops: Haven’t touched a camera in your life? Lina Khezzar teaches you the basics.
  • Canon Workshops: Mastering beauty shooting in the studio with Quentin Caffier
  • Canon Workshops: L. Khezzar helps you optimize your content to draw leads to your networks.


  • Get to know the equipment better to choose it well (From discovering the Sony Alpha range and the latest innovations to putting it into practice to create impactful photos and videos).
  • Sharing experiences: Olivier Jobard, image reporter
  • From Alpha bodies to FX cameras: Discovering the world of professional video Sony
  • Sharing experiences: Julien Mauve, “the Art of the series”
  • Free Sony sensor cleaning
  • Alexis Rozenfeld: An Ocean
  • Sharing experiences: Sony Xperia, smartphones for creators.
  • Sharing experiences: The Quirky, “Feeding your creativity”
  • Sharing of experiences; The creation of video content with our ambassadors and influencers.
  • Sharing of experience: Laurent Baheux and Mathieu Lelay: black felines on white
  • Sharing of experience: Bertrand Bernager “75°C”


  • Photowalk with Gilles Reboisson in the Parc de la Villette
  • Photowalk with Jérôme Meunier in the Parc de la Villette.
  • Photowalk street-photography with Cédric Roux in the Parc de la Villette.
  • Professional video conference at the Leica SL2-S with François Rousseau


  • Nature and wildlife
  • The Wild Minute: Wildlife Photography in an Urban Setting


  • Important hands-on Epson P900 (all questions)


  • Dominate Son Hybrid/Vincent Lambert
  • Reading portfolios
  • Personal works, your creative engine
  • Personal work: Your creative engine: Quentin Décaillet
  • Jeremy Lempin
  • Architectural and Urban Landscape Photography Workshop
  • Another look at optics: Emilie Zangarelli
  • Believe in yourself: Little Shao
  • Animated image, your new skill: Aurélie Gonin
  • Sharing experience: Mickël Péralta, “White paradises”
  • Crossed perspectives: 3 perspectives, 1 single planet with Laurent Ballesta, Vincent Munier and Thomas Pesquet
  • Grade your sequences: Adelain Cioli
  • Photographer ; A happiness that is shared
  • Studio and portrait photography workshop
  • The secrets of macro-creative
  • Adrenaline in sports photography
  • Behind the eye of a fashion photographer
  • Animated image, your new skill


  • Discover the complementary health insurance dedicated to photographers
  • Our daily life at the FFPMI: Working at La Défense, from the profession of photographer to its sustainability
  • Designing your photography book: Editing, layout, printing
  • Francoise Huguier
  • The Union of Professional Photographers: An organization at the service of all photographs
  • The video: An opening to other markets for the photographer
  • Self-publishing in photography
  • Challenges and prospects of film
  • Why position yourself today on identity photography?
  • 10 tips for preparing your wedding report
  • 75 years of Magnum by Philippe Séclier
  • Copyright, the right price for a photo
  • Olivier Schmitt; Secrets and tricks of a shoot (+FAQ)
  • 10 tips for the beginner photographer
  • John Bruno; The poetic portrait
  • newborn photographer
  • Ferrante/Ferranti
  • How to choose and calibrate your screen in photo and video?
  • Francois-Marie Banier
  • Sublimate the pregnant woman
  • Promote the profession through competitions and qualifications, Support professionals.
  • Prices and quotes for photographers
  • John Bruno and Flavien Lebègue: The relationship between model and photographer
  • The professional photographer, a major player in the identity systems of tomorrow
  • Alain Fleischer
  • Pauline Petit: How to create a photographic series?


  • Interview: FIPC 2022 Official Photographer
  • Interview: Culinary painter-photographer
  • Interview: From food photography to food photography
  • Status of the photographer: Impact of the chosen legal and social structure
  • Reading portfolios
  • Sébastien Roignant: The great adventure of releasing your photo book
  • Shooting session: Culinary portrait
  • Shooting session: Fromage en lumière
  • Shooting session: Culinary portrait
  • Interview: Culinary photographer painter
  • Interview: How do you become a food photographer
  • Sébastien Roignant: The wedding photo, the essential steps to become a photographer
  • Mickaël Portillo: long exposure photography
  • Overview of photography professions: Which jobs? What training? Where did it happen?
  • Brice Portolano
  • Mythily Kasippilaï from Studio Simply & Co: Introduction to food photography
  • Interview: Still lifes
  • Interview, projection: The taste of the earth
  • Olivia Gay


  • Magali Delporte: The portrait in all its forms
  • Cyril Duchêne: Personal work X-H2, GFX, X100V, X-H2S, Product Focus
  • Eva Marguerat: X-HS2 in practice in the studio
  • Eric Bouvet: War photography
  • Patrick Hanez: The Wind Chasers
  • Haze Kware: Contemporary Dance and GFX
  • Julien Appruzeze: Creation of images from construction to post-production
  • Rémi Flament: Destination X, underground photography from GFX to X-H2
  • Dominate your hybrid
  • Victor Lepeltier: Video and X-H2S
  • Patrick Bellair: Beauty and GFX, studio photography
  • Thanks to the white paper of the FNP, discover all the rules applying to the photography profession
  • Blurred trend project
  • Wlad Simitch: X-T4, portrait and street photography
  • Agathe Poupeney: Dance and X-H2S
  • The others: Recto-Verso Tower


  • DOOX Overview


  • Discovery of new printing techniques


  • street photography
  • Jean-Christophe Béchet and Cédric Roux: Street photography
  • Video as a customer retention tool.
  • Guillaume Bicep: Street Photography 2022
  • Conference: Street Photography with Thomy Keat


  • Gardères and Dohmen: Become a professional photographer
  • Camille Brasselet: Meeting
  • Tony Noël: Capturing the movement
  • Gardères and Dohmen: Photographer in a reporting situation
  • Workshop: Portrait in the Parc de la Villette
  • Sharpen your eye with Sigma lenses by the blog “Let’s go on a trip”
  • Meeting with Vincent Rannou, director of the film “Connexion sauvage”.
  • Sylvain Martin: Architectural photography
  • Meeting with Thierry Legault: The practice of astrophotography


  • Conference: Photojournalism with Natalya Saprunova

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