26 mai 2024

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“Paris Kurash Open”: French capital hosts prestigious award for ancient Uzbek martial art

“Paris Kurash Open”, the second international tournament for the prize of the President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoev, was held on Monday July 24 in Paris.

“Paris Kurash Open”, the second international tournament for the prize of the President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoev, was held on Monday July 24 in Paris.

Hundreds of fans of Kurash, the ancient Uzbek martial art, gather in the French capital to watch competitors fight for the prestigious prize of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The unique meeting held at the foot of the Eiffel Tower bringing together many athletes from different countries gathered in the Emile Anthoine stadium on Monday July 24.

Kurash is similar to Greco-Roman wrestling. In this discipline originating in Central Asia, the wrestler aims to knock down and roll his opponent on his back. The counting of points is then done as in judo.

Organizing competitions in Europe is considered essential for a sport that is constantly developing.

During the opening ceremony, representatives of the French Federation of Kurash highlighted the human values of the ancient Uzbek discipline and its role in improving physical and mental health.

The sport aims to one day become part of the Olympic family and Komil Yusupov, the founder of modern Kurash, was quick to praise the French organizers.

About 60 athletes from 30 different countries took part in this year’s event, from 20 wrestlers from more than 15 countries, and the openweight division did not disappoint, among the participants were countries such as: Belgium , Germany, France, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Macedonia, Georgia, Congo Brazzaville, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, … etc.

This traditional wrestling transmits human values of respect and improves physical and mental condition. Kurash has ambitions to join the Olympic family. This discipline which dreams of Olympism carries all its values: sharing, friendships, excellence and conviviality.

While the best athletes competed on the Gilam, three of them stood out and gave something to delight the Parisian public with stunning moves.

The winners of the competition took home the first prize of 3,000 euros, while the second and third runners-up took home 2,000 and 1,000 euros respectively.

Muhsin Hisomiddinov, quadruple world champion on Kurash, double Asian champion and winner of the Olympic Games, athlete from the sports center of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan Muhsin Hisomiddinov also added to his account this victory at the Paris tournament. Muhsin Hisomiddinov returned to Uzbekistan with a gold medal and €3,000 cash prize after defeating European Open Championship winner Viktor Resko in the final competition of the tournament.

The debates between women were more interesting. Jasmin Grabowski from Germany beat Elena Kebadze from Georgia in the final and won the Paris tournament.
Bianca-Elena Prodan from Romania and Sitora Khusanova from the country of Kurash received bronze medals.
On the initiative of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in France, the organization of cultural events took place within the framework of the tournament. Famous stars of Uzbek art gave participants a real holiday mood and festive atmosphere with their songs.

One of the oldest martial arts in the world, Kurash in Uzbek is said to mean – “to achieve the goal in a fair and equitable manner”

It is certainly something the organizers of this burgeoning sport are hoping for as the discipline continues to grow in popularity around the world.

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