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Miss Gabrielle Chanel

The extraordinary adventures of Coco, the eventful life of Gabrielle, the exceptional destiny of Chanel.

The extraordinary adventures of Coco, the eventful life of Gabrielle, the exceptional destiny of Chanel.

A completed and uncompromising portrait of the Grande Mademoiselle, painted at a frantic pace.

Coco Chanel ! A name known beyond borders!
The piece begins with bursts of laughter, those of the little hands of a sewing workshop, laughter which is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of Mademoiselle Chanel, haughty and brittle, but elegant in her suit… Chanel.

Gabrielle lost her mother at 12 years old. Her father, an adventurous peddler, places her as a “nanny and servant” with cousins, then disappears forever.

How will Gabrielle, born in Auvergne, at the bottom of the social ladder, manage to access the highest echelons of 20th century society and become the symbol of haute couture throughout the world?

This is the purpose of this twirling and joyful show, which, in songs, will tell us the life of this woman with a strong character.

An iron woman who escapes a forced marriage by running away, becomes a seamstress then… a music hall artist under the name of Coco.
A hard and passionate worker, she continued her training as a milliner, and, from a little “cousette”, she gradually made a place for herself in haute couture.

His first clothing revolution, the adaptation of the “jodhpur”, riding pants of English officers, to his feminine outfit.
1910. Arrival in Paris.

From rich lover to rich lover, she learns the codes of high society and is offered a boutique, then another. She makes little hats and dresses to go shopping.
She invented a new style, offbeat, sober, avant-garde, which contrasted with the creations of the great couturiers of the time, such as Paul Poiret and Christian Dior.

She adapts men’s clothing to her feminine clothing range, which she wants to be modern and dynamic, combining comfort and elegance.

And the openings of shops continued, Deauville, Biarritz, benefiting from the clientele of the wealthy company which had retreated during the war in these two seaside resorts.
And one after the other comes loose jackets, sports dresses made from stable boys’ jerseys, sailor shirts, evening dresses, light and transparent…

– In 1918, it employed 300 workers. In 1939, 4000!
– 1921, creation of N°5. Chanel is the first couturier to launch her own perfumes.
– 1926, creation of the little black dress, “boy” style.
She frequented Cocteau, Dali, Visconti, became the muse of painters, Toulouse-Lautrec, Bonnard, Renoir, Picasso, frequented Mallarmé, Proust, Colette, Satie, Diaghilev, Lifar and worked for some of her artists.
Her collaboration during the German occupation and her anti-Semitism led to her being questioned by a member of the cleansing committee of the FFI (French Interior Forces) who spat “Dirty whore” in her face. Churchill’s intervention will get her out of the situation.
She then went into exile in Switzerland for 10 years.
– 1954 Triumphant return to Paris.
Romy Schneider, Jeanne Moreau, Delphine Seyrig, Jackie Kennedy, wear her dresses, Marylin Monroe, “at night, only a few drops of N°5”.
– 1971 Mademoiselle Chanel bows out after an end of life in bitterness and solitude.

Very beautiful voices from talented singers, beautiful acting from actors inhabited by their roles.
We are captivated by the misadventures and twists and turns in the life of the Grande Dame, a feminist before her time, moved by her joys and her sorrows, her loves and her troubles.

Passionate lover, outstanding creator, she always needed to work. Otherwise, she would get bored.
The story, placed in the social and political context of 20th century France, benefits from intelligent and brilliant staging.

We are kept in suspense until the end with this magnificent musical show by Sophie JOLIS, led by beating piano by Jonathan GOYVAERTZ, directed by Hélène DACHE and Marie SIMON, with Sophie GARMILLA, Sophie JOLIS, Julia SALAUN, Guillaume NOCTURE and Antoine de GIULI.

Croc-en-Jambe Company

Monday and Tuesday at 9 p.m. at Studio Hébertot 78bis Bd des Batignolles Paris 17 Metro Rome
The show will be at the Avignon Off Festival at Condition des Soies at 2:40 p.m.

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