29 mai 2024

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Charlie Roquin won the Pelléas 2024 prize for his work “Les Maîtres de Bayreuth” published by Editions du Cherche Midi. It relates a romantic dive into the work of Richard Wagner and the world of his enthusiasts.

Charlie Roquin won the Pelléas 2024 prize for his work “Les Maîtres de Bayreuth” published by Editions du Cherche Midi. It relates a romantic dive into the work of Richard Wagner and the world of his enthusiasts.

The 27th Pelléas Radio-Classique 2024 Prize was awarded on March 28 at the Café “Les 2 Magots” in St Germain des Prés (75006-Paris). As every year since its creation in 1997 as part of the Nohant Chopin Festival, it rewards the work “with the finest literary qualities” devoted to music.

The jury, chaired by Alain Duault (writer, columnist at Classica, poet, French radio and television host specializing in classical music and opera, born January 11, 1949 in Paris) was composed of Lola Gruber (writer in the world of theater and music), Marie-Aude Roux (writer, columnist for Le Monde), Ivan A. Alexandre (writer and columnist for Diapason), Jean-Yves Clément (writer, editor), Bertrand Dermontcourt (writer and general director of Radio Classique), Benoît Duteurtre (writer and columnist at Marianne and Classica), Nicolas d’Estiennes d’Orves (writer and columnist at Figaro and Classica), Sylvain Fort (writer, columnist at Diapason) and Georges Liébert (writer, editor) .

The Pelléas Prize, worth 3,000 euros from the café “Les 2 Magots”, is awarded to the winner during the launch cocktail of the Nohant Festival. The 58th edition of the festival will take place from June 8 to July 24, 2024 (each weekend in June and a full week from July 18 to 24) with the theme “Chopin and his contemporaries”. artists testifying to the richness of this era, including Yulianna Avdeeva, Finghin Collins, Nikolaï Lugansky, Alexander Gadjiev, Benjamin Grosvenor, Alexandre Kantorow, Nathalia Milstein, Nicolas Stavy, Alexandre Tharaud and the Arod Quartet, the duos Marc Coppey and François Dumont, Augustin Dumay and Frank Braley; the new generation that the Nohant Chopin Festival likes to introduce: Jean-Baptiste Doulcet and Célia Oneto Bensaid with the Elmire Quartet in the Chopin Concertos; but also Alexandra Dovgan, Juliette Journaux, Denis Kozhukhin, Antoine Préat; without forgetting the winners of the most recent international awards like Eric Guo, Bohdan Luts and Dmytro Semykras

A double tribute will be paid to Gabriel Fauré for the 100th anniversary of his death (1924) as well as to Samson François born the same year, who gave his penultimate recital in Nohant in 1970 the same year

All winners since 1997
2024: Charlie Roquin, The Masters of Bayreuth (Cherche Midi)
2023: Federico Maria Sardelli, The Vivaldi Affair (translated from Italian by Martine Legein, van Dieren Editor)
2022: Philippe Blay, Reynaldo Hahn (Fayard)
2020: Martin Mirabel, Domenico Scarlatti (Actes Sud)
2019: Lola Gruber, Three concerts (Phébus), Karol Beffa and Jacques Perry-Salkow, Anagrammes à quatre mains (Actes Sud)
2018: Paul Greveillac, Secret Cadence. The invisible life of Alfred Schnitkke (Gallimard)
2017: Julien Teyssandier, Arvo Pärt (Pierre-Guillaume de Roux)
2016: Pierre Gervasoni, Henri Dutilleux (Actes Sud)
2015: Olivier Bellamy, Piano Lovers’ Dictionary (Plon)
2014: Hervé Lacombe, Francis Poulenc (Fayard)
2013: Bruno Le Maire, Absolute Music. A rehearsal with Carlos Kleiber (Gallimard)
2012: Pierre Constant, Solo Violin, music by Jean Genet (L’Amandier)
2011: Francesco Rapazzini, A French Diva (Perrin)
2010: Minh Tran Huy, The Double Life of Anna Song (Actes Sud)
2009: Jean-Yves Tadié, Le Songe musical: Claude Debussy (Gallimard)
2008: André Tubeuf, The Musical Offering (Robert Laffont)
2007: Dominique Pagnier, My album Schubert (Gallimard)
2006: Marcel Marnat, Giacomo Puccini (Fayard)
2005: Alain Fleischer, The Ax and the Violin (Threshold)
2004: Christopher Miller, Variations in Fool Major (Threshold)
2003: Alfred Brendel, The Veil of Order (Christian Bourgois)
2002: Charles Rosen, The Romantic Generation (Gallimard)
2001: Brina Svit, Death of a Slovenian prima donna (Gallimard)
2000: Philippe Beaussant, Stradella (Gallimard)
1999: Bruno Monsaingeon, Richter. Writings, conversations (Actes Sud)
1998: Benoît Duteurtre, L’Opérette en France (Threshold)
1997: Laurent de Wilde, Monk (Gallimard)

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