29 mai 2024

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Championship / Rugby League: Toulouse Olympique wins against Whitehaven

Toulouse Olympique largely dominated Whitehaven during the 5th day of the Championship.

Toulouse Olympique largely dominated Whitehaven during the 5th day of the Championship.

After the start of the 2nd division Championship, the TO won their match of the 5th day against the English (40-4) on Saturday April 20, in front of their audience in Ernest-Wallon.

After being surprised by Swinton in the first at home, then defeated by a narrow margin in Bradford 19-12, Olympic Toulouse returned to success against Whitehaven on Saturday April 20.

TO XIII was denied a try for obstruction but finally opened the scoring in the 10th minute thanks to a very good run from Dominique Peyroux. The conversion does not pass and the score is 4 to 0.

A few minutes later, Dominique Peyroux starts behind the down to make the break. The English striker takes aim. After these two achievements in quick succession, Toulouse fell back a little into its failings and lacked precision to increase the score, 10 to 0.

The Toulouse residents finished this first act well and Joe Bretherton scored after a good run. This is transformed by Jake Shorrocks. After scoring, Joe Bretherton turns into a passer. The Englishman throws Dimitri Biscarro perfectly who resists several defenders to score in force. It’s transformed and Toulouse leads 22-0 at the break.

The Toulouse residents miss their start to the second half. For 20 minutes, TO XIII flouted its rugby and Will Evans took the opportunity to reduce the score on the right side. It’s not transformed. The answer comes from Mathieu Jussaume who benefits from the good work of Robin Brochon. It’s transformed, 28 to 4.

Toulouse Olympique got back upright and Callum Gahan added a try by starting behind the down. Jake Shorrocks passes the points. The English from Whitehaven then stand out with a subtle pass for Ryan Rivett who scores another try.

The Toulouse residents therefore got back in the direction of travel, and thus left this ninth place not very consistent with that of a finalist team in 2023. In the end, the addition is heavy for Whitehaven 40 to 4.

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