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Made in France Exhibition 2023

This year again, for its 11th edition, the Made in France Show highlighted the know-how and excellence of French production.

This year again, for its 11th edition, the Made in France Show highlighted the know-how and excellence of French production.

It is the major meeting of professionals, manufacturers, consumers and all those who make reindustrialization and relocation a priority.

100,000 visitors came to discover the products of more than 1,000 exhibitors and 90% of them purchased them.
A Crafts Village welcomed more than 220 artisans who offered original and sustainable products for sale.
Conferences discussed current trends, the challenges of French industry, employment and repairability.

Six major Made in France prizes were awarded in the Entrepreneur, Innovation, Hope, Product, Public and Factory categories.
All sectors of activity were represented, the food industry, gastronomy, fashion, furniture, cosmetics, toys, technology. Thousands of products manufactured by companies, artisans or large industrial groups were offered for sale, from hats to electric scooters and well-being products.
Many new features marked this year, notably a 1400m2 Ephemeral Factory where you could discover behind the scenes the manufacturing of everyday objects – toothbrush, jeans, heat pump, socks – manufactured by around fifty upgraded machines. provision by 14 manufacturers.

We noted the presence of the youngest entrepreneur at the show, Simon Lourdel, 18 years old, who created his first business at the age of seven. He has just created the company “La Couette Française”, a duvet made from a recycled and recyclable material, polyester from plastic bottles, a quality product but at a low price, usable all year round thanks to its two faces, summer and winter. The “French duvet also offers a modular pillow and a mattress.

We also noticed “Bob”, the smallest dishwasher in the world which washes and dries dishes in 20 minutes flat, with only 3 liters of water. And no need for an inlet tap, it fills from the front and drains into the sink.
Created by Daan Tech and manufactured in Vendée, the only device of its kind in France, it is sold in France, Germany and Asia to young professionals, city dwellers, singles, couples without children and students.
The company plans to sell 35,000 this year in France, but also in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the United States.
In Asia, Made in France is highly sought after.
It markets its own detergent tablets and, soon, mini-ovens, toasters and even a washing machine.

You shouldn’t miss the “Anis de Flavigny” either, the oldest brand at the show, managed by Catherine Troubat.
Since 1591, the Benedictine abbey at Flavigny-sur-Ozerain in Burgundy has been making a sugared almond made from a green anise seed wrapped in thin layers of syrup and delicately flavored with violet, rose, mint, licorice, lemon, blackcurrant, ginger, mandarin or orange blossom, natural flavors extracted with steam.
A candy of kings, Louis the 1930s.

A must-see, the “Missègle” socks stand, designed since 1983 to fight against planned obsolescence. Ultra-strong, they are reinforced with cordura, a particularly resistant polyamide combined with natural fibers, merino, silk, Scottish thread and mohair or Himalayan yak to be very warm.

We cannot fail to also mention “Poline”, the first brand of organic vegetable jams in France.
Lemon mint zucchini, cinnamon eggplant, curry onions, vanilla sweet potato, ginger fennel.
These sweet treats created by Margo, the Master Jam Maker, enhance both savory and sweet dishes. Marion takes care of the sales.
The two partners won the title of 2023 world jam champion.

With “Bravo Hugo”, the world of organic condiments has been enriched.
Capers, caprons, onions, “Bravo Hugo” also offers organic French pickles with white wine vinegar and tarragon or sweet and sour with dill.

Do you know “Sessile”, the first brand of eco-responsible, repairable and recyclable sneakers, entirely made in France?
Sustainable unisex sneakers, designed with leather, recycled wool and plant-based material. these sneakers are repairable thanks to a patented disassembly process.
Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, which is highly outsourced. “Sessile” produced in France with French artisans, who assemble the shoes in their workshop in Maine-et-Loire… and repair them.
Of the circular economy.

Finally, let us mention, among a myriad of products, each more surprising than the last, the “Macaron de Nice”, an almond biscuit with flavors of anise, violet, orange or lemon, “Bord à Bord”, and its pestos, tartars, biscuits and seaweed confits, “nod”, organic French tomato and vegetable ketchup, not very sweet, without additives, “Les Abeilles de Malescot”, for its honeys, of course, but also its products cosmetics, lip balm and hand cream, the Provençal cannery “Sud Saveurs”, renowned for its fresh fish soups with aromatics, and, in areas other than gastronomy, “Repulp Design”, creator of the zero coffee cup recyclable and biosourced waste, made from recycled citrus peels, fruits very popular with the French who consume 25 kg per year per person, “Stooly”, the manufacturer of stools, benches and foldable beds in honeycomb cardboard, and finally dental prosthetists who have just launched the quality designation “I choose the Made in France smile”, a designation aimed at the 3,350 dental prosthesis laboratories installed in France.

“Made in France” is doing well when we know that three quarters of French people are ready to pay more for a product made in France.






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