23 avril 2024

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Grégory Bakian’s “Insomnia”, in the Pop Electro universe of the night at CLCF

Grégory BAKIAN's new single, marking his return with Pop Electro sounds inspired by music giants, was released on March 8.

Grégory BAKIAN’s new single, marking his return with Pop Electro sounds inspired by music giants, was released on March 8.

Was it Bakian’s insomnia that inspired him?

For sure no, maybe it’s friends or even given that the single is released on Women’s Day on March 8, it’s aimed at those who suffer, we can’t know but we have intuition. Given that on March 18 he supported women in distress during the DAPAT prize of the 3rd edition, we understand why he preferred to broadcast the single on March 8.

“INSOMNIA” is the song addresses the dark thoughts, doubts, anxiety and stress that often accompany this phenomenon. It also evokes the feeling of intense solitude and the deep relationship that we have with ourselves during these sleepless nights.

Paradoxically, the song adapts to everyone, everyone has passed through here at least once in their life and even just for a sleepless night, can also be a source of inspiration and allow creativity to flow. express themselves in the silence of the night, giving birth to wonderful melodies.

After marking his musical return with three successful singles: “CHANGER”, “TOUT EMPORTER” and “LE PREMIER”, BAKIAN returns to the forefront with “INSOMNIE”. This fourth extract, which was released on March 8, 2024 at midnight on all legal download and streaming platforms, promises a unique musical experience. Inspired by groups such as OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons and Coldplay, Grégory offers us a mystical and resonant fusion with Pop Electro chords.

In “INSOMNIE” by Grégory BAKIAN in collaboration with Nicolas LOCONTE, the lyrics are imagined by Marvin DUPRÉ, one of the most sought-after writers of French pop, and BAKIAN himself. The authors tell the story of insomnia.

This Friday, March 22, Grégory BAKIAN invited his friends to the (CLCF) Conservatoire libre du cinéma français in Paris, to thank them for their support during the filming of the music video for the song “INSOMNIE” which will be broadcast on March 27 on the YouTube channel of the artist.

To promote this new single as well as the three previous ones already available, Grégory BAKIAN is planning several upcoming showcases. Fans will have the opportunity to discover live the titles that marked his return to the music scene.
To keep up to date with the latest news, visit his official website bakianofficial.com and follow him on social media @bakianofficial and YouTube channel on March 27.

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