25 juillet 2024

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“Everything you always wanted to know about sex but never dared to ask.”

“Everything you always wanted to know about sex but never dared to ask.”

A fantastic duo in the setting of a cozy living room of a novelist.
Two characters are buttocks, sorry, faces, Rosemary, wig and pink skirt, a little pink loulou in her arms, author of rosewater novels – a water rather spiced with burning eroticism by the way – proposes to write live in front of a chosen audience a new work in order to show his talent questioned by an unworthy press.

Thérèse, strict tight skirt and short hair, chambermaid-secretary, accompanies her boss on the piano who, to embody the characters she creates before us, punctuates her writing with very naughty songs, both from the 1930s – Charles Trénet, Mistinguett , Colette Renard – that of Boris Vian, Boby Lapointe, Lio or Dalida.

Precise, lively and cheerful theatrical and musical performance, for a delicious show halfway between comedy-food and caf’conc’.
We are amused by the mischievousness of the young secretary and her mischievous repartee against her boss in the middle of the creative process.

We laugh a lot at the hilarious evocation of the incredible adventures concocted with talent and passion by Rosemary for her heroine, a not very white goose, I confess, who discovers life, sorry, life.

An opportunity for the author to offer us learned lessons in diverse and varied practices, illustrated with a rich technical vocabulary sometimes borrowed from slang or the field of IT such as the “QR code” or “empty the trash”, but never devoid of tenderness, such as the expression “putting Little Jesus in the manger”. A veritable anthology to which the flamboyant actress invites us!

Coming from a family of musicians, (Rose)Marie Charlet learned classical guitar and piano before integrating vocal hearts and interpreting Queen Clementine in Offenbach’s operetta “Bluebeard” in 2022.

Anne Cadilhac, her partner, specialized in musical theater after classical studies at the CNR in Toulouse and a Capes de Musicologie.

Author: Marie CHARLET accompanied by Anne CADILHAC
Director: Frantz MOREL A L’HUISSIER, also actor, singer and author
Performers: Marie CHARLET accompanied by Anne CADILHAC
Genre: Musical Theater
Production: Cie Le Piano Écarlate

From 03/25/2024 to 04/29/2024 at DIVINE COMEDIE PARIS 2 rue Saulnier 75009 Paris

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