28 mai 2024

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She therefore decided to complete the range by presenting the last 2 born, a serum and a cream based on vegan champagne to sublimate the face.

Catherine Feher, a graduate of the IRCA and authorized by the rectorates of Nice and Paris, has been transmitting her know-how and her passion for nearly 24 years. In products offering its own cosmetic range, it is an innovation in the field of anti-aging using highly concentrated active ingredients that guarantee real beautification and effective, lasting and visible rejuvenation.

She therefore decided to complete the range by presenting the last 2 born, a serum and a cream based on vegan champagne to sublimate the face.

On the program: the Elixir serum and the Elixir cream, both composed of powerful vegan champagne combined with organic hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. The combined use of these 2 products makes it the safest anti-oxidant market. Skin anti-inflammatory, they are also suitable for mature skin and very sensitive skin. They are used morning and evening on cleansed skin, first applying the elixir serum then the elixir cream.

Why champagne elixirs?

The idea came when there was a little champagne left on a table during a party. Catherine therefore decided to test champagne on her skin, although not knowing what the effects would be, but as a chemist she already knew the reactions Indeed, there are creams based on caviar, goat’s milk , donkey milk, fruits, etc., so why not release a range based on very concentrated vegan champagne, mixed with organic hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

The benefits of using champagne

The champagne contains zinc, polyphenols, lithium, active ingredients associated with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, E dosed for maximum skin penetration, collagen and vegetable elastin, allantoin…give a very effective result. This anti-aging complex is intended for mature skin (from the age of 50 or sensitive (for younger people). It is above all an extra-ordinary skin thickener for women and men, which reduces redness.

Other brands also make this type of product with vinotherapy, wine or other drinks. For now, Catherine Feher is the only brand to use a vegan champagne that contains a lot of polyphenols, good against aging. However, the sugar in champagne mixed with other active ingredients such as organic hyaluronic acid and vitamins is greatly reduced.

How long to wait before the first results?

The first results are perceived after 15 days to 3 weeks, on the firming and smoothing aspects, for people who take care of their skin or follow “Skin Perfect” protocols in an institute. The time is variable according to the types of skin of which they expose themselves a lot to the sun.

Paris presentation

For the international launch of the 2 new Vegan Champagne Elixir products, on September 29, Catherine was present at the inauguration evening at the Maison Eiffel center, 60 rue Miromesnil (75008), where the Catherine Feher range is present. She was sent by Dr Yann Lévy, morphologist and anti-aging doctor; from Dr Sydney Ohana as well as Marilyn Dupuis, Aesthetics and Marketing Manager of the Eiffel Carré Or Clinic, but also many other guests including the director Lucas Malod or the blogger and Côte d’Azur ambassador Carolyn Paul.

Catherine Feher is associated with Dr Yann Lévy whom she had met 3 or 4 years ago with the aim of marketing her range at the Eiffel clinic (75016). Together, they came up with the idea of ​​opening a more convivial and less sacred place than a clinic where the surgical aspect dominates. This is why the opening of franchise institutes has enabled customers to spend whole days taking care of themselves by being able to play sports, relax with a massage and even benefit from cryotherapy. .. This is what they call “Les Journées “Maison Eiffel”. They also plan to open franchises around the world. The Catherine Feher brand is already marketed on the Côte d’Azur (Cannes , Nice), in Paris, Monaco, Dubai, St Barths…

Shop: https://www.gamme-anti-age-feher.com/boutique/

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