26 février 2024

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“CAPITALE(S)”, 60 years of Street Art

“CAPITALE(S)” presents a very large panel of street artists at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris.

“CAPITALE(S)” presents a very large panel of street artists at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris.

For several decades, Street Art has been integrated into the Parisian scene, in furniture and real estate. It was a model of protest and or artistic expression.

This art has stood the test of time, more than sixty years. Street Art is considered the most important artistic movement. Paris and its streets have become one of its most important scenes.

The exhibition is an opportunity to discover works from the richest collections, archival documents, in situ interventions, works outside the walls the “CAPITALE(S)” exhibition the artists have taken over the public space, causing a real visual revolution in cities

Street Art is exhibited in everyday life. Urban art is everywhere, in the street, in basements, in the city. Artists use all surfaces to promote their art. The configurations serve as a setting to awaken consciences, they express themselves on society.

Show and store the most prestigious works of all artists in urban settings.

This exhibition brought together a large number of equally different and enriching artists.

This exhibition offers immersive experiences and playful digital devices such as:
• Cristobal Diaz’s Graff Box, this allows the visitor to discover an urban calligraphic creation associated with a shot,
• Le Cinquième Mur are three artists (Kashink, Kraken and Madame), using digital technology to create 3 virtual works, hidden in a secret room of the exhibition,
• The Graffiti Digital Picturae device allows you to try out the gestures of graffiti
with a digital bomb, while personalizing its artistic realization thanks to a wide choice of backgrounds, colors, line size, etc….

Children aged 6 to 12 can also discover the exhibition “CAPITALE(S), 60 years of urban art in Paris” through an animated visit and put into practice the techniques of emblematic artists of urban art. . These visits-workshops of 1 hour of interactive visit and 1 hour of practical workshop on the themes of urban art.

The “CAPITALE(S)” exhibition event is extended until March 25. More than 100,000 visitors have already been able to (re)discover the creations of emblematic French and international artists.
Space is an open-air museum.

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