28 mai 2024

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Patrick de Giovanni (DAPAT)

After the creation of the DAPAT Endowment Fund, which helps people in vulnerable situations, the next step is the Social Land Company, which meets their rental needs.

After the creation of the DAPAT Endowment Fund, which helps people in vulnerable situations, the next step is the Social Land Company, which meets their rental needs.

What is Foncière Sociale DAPAT?

Foncière Sociale DAPAT is a subsidiary company of the DAPAT Endowment Fund, created by Danielle and Patrick de Giovanni. It is a social finance tool whose objective is to facilitate access to premises corresponding to the needs of associations under financial conditions adapted to their financial means and with long-term leases.

Associations often find themselves faced with problems obtaining business premises or emergency accommodation due to a lack of premises available for rent, excessively high rents or landlords reluctant to rent to associations welcoming women. in trouble.

What is the endowment of the Foncière Sociale DAPAT?

The initial capital endowment of Société Foncière Sociale DAPAT is 2 million euros from the DAPAT Endowment Fund, combined with a moderate loan. This made it possible to carry out a first group of operations to validate the concept and the development strategy.

The company can intervene alone or in partnership with other investors or associations concerned to strengthen its means of action.

Secondly, additional funds of up to 10 million euros are sought from investors wishing to make socially useful investments with reduced profitability but with moderate risks thanks to the underlying real estate.

In the longer term, the objective is to reach a sufficient size to have a structuring impact for the associative fabric serving women in distress.

How does the Foncière Sociale DAPAT work?

The Foncière Sociale is organized by a management team, made up of 3 people. A commitment committee, made up of real estate professionals, is consulted on each project before the final decision. Property management is controlled by members of the board of directors of the DAPAT Endowment Fund.

The solicitation of associations which express their local needs (nature, composition and surfaces of the operation, location), makes the Foncière Sociale DAPAT work. This analyzes with the associations the feasibility of an operation (financial means of the association to pay the rent, cost of potential acquisition of the premises), as well as the goods likely to suit its criteria. She negotiates then buys the property, signs a long-term lease with the association. To be eligible, associations must develop a specific project for women in distress, with solid prospects for sustainability.

DAPAT’s completed projects

DAPAT has already carried out 2 projects: one with the association “Le Moulin de Pont Rû” and the other with “La Halte Fontenaysienne”. She studies, meets and organizes other projects with a number of associations including “Women For Women”, “Maison des Femmes de Dijon”, “Fondation Abbé Pierre”, “Association Entourage”, “La Fondation des Femmes”, etc.. in order to provide financial and operational support to women in distress.

The Fontenaysian stopover

“La Halte Fontenaysienne” is an association created in 1992 by a group of Fontenays residents aware of the issue of poor housing, when the Abbé Pierre Foundation opened its “Boutiques Solidarité”. This is a day care home project for women, homeless with children and accommodated in a social hotel.

Since its creation, the 2 entities have come together and “La Halte Fontenaysienne has been approved as a member of the network, thus allowing the opening of a day center in Fontenay-sous-Bois with the support of the municipality. Today, the association has 2 establishments: “L’Accueil de Jour” (La Halte) for people with accommodation or housing difficulties that can accommodate up to 800 different people per year and a “Pension de Famille” (Les Alouettes) which includes 24 accommodations. Thanks to these 2 establishments, a global and integrated approach and access to decent, sustainable and adapted accommodation, answers are provided.

In September 2022, the “Maison des Familles” acquired by SOLIFAP with the support of DAPAT moved to Fontenay-sous-Bois. The first contribution from DAPAT is paid in December 2022, making it possible to complete the financing of the works for an opening of the house, at the end of 2023.
For more information: https://www.lahalte.org/.

The Mill of Pont Rû

“Le Moulin de Pont Rû” is an association financed in 2022 by the DAPAT Endowment Fund for the purchase of an extension to a house in order to develop reception facilities for women in distress. For 2023, the expenditure budget of one million euros is financed at 0%. DAPAT and the “Moulin de Pont Rû” Association have defined a work program whose objective is to enable the association to gradually triple its capacity to take in women in distress. The development project includes housing, training rooms and coworking rooms.
For more information: https://www.moulindepontru.com/.

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