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2022 World Cup: Lionel Messi laughing, Kylian Mbappé screaming

The Blues did not renew their performance in 2018 and lost a new title of world champions against Argentina on Sunday (3-3, 4-2 on tab). Lionel Messi wins, at 35 and after seven Golden Balls, his first World Cup.

The Blues did not renew their performance in 2018 and lost a new title of world champions against Argentina on Sunday (3-3, 4-2 on tab). Lionel Messi wins, at 35 and after seven Golden Balls, his first World Cup.

The faces of the players of the France team were closed after the defeat in the final of the World Cup by Argentina.

Kylian Mbappé was then comforted by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, and Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez. Inevitably disappointed, he who could have become the first coach to guide his team twice on the roof of the world after having already been crowned world champion during his playing career, Didier Deschamps was comforted by his players on the lawn of the Lusail stadium. .

The Argentinians, led by their captain, lift the trophy

Argentina is world champion for the third time in its history, after 1978 and 1986. There was the Mario Kempes generation, then the Diego Maradona era and now there will be that of Lionel Messi, rewarded with the supreme title .

Lionel Messi receives his individual trophy…and kisses the Cup

Author of a double this evening, the Argentine number 10 received from the hands of the Emir of Qatar his trophy for best player of the 2022 World Cup. He took the opportunity to caress the World Cup and send him a kiss.

Kylian Mbappé crowned top scorer

It is with a closed face that the number 10 of the Blues receives his trophy for best director of the tournament, with 8 goals scored in this final phase. Under the whistles of some “supporters” present at the stadium.

Lionel Messi dressed royally by the Emir

Quite a curious scene, before captain Lionel Messi’s trophy lift: the Emir of Qatar helps him put on a royal outfit for the playmaker.

“The best has won”, says Alberto Fernandez, the Argentinian president

Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez posted numerous messages of congratulations from fellow heads of state, mainly South Americans, on his Twitter account, and responded to that of Emmanuel Macron.

Dear friend @EmmanuelMacron! You made the match difficult for us, but the best won. Immense joy in Argentina and throughout Latin America. We are happy and moved by this wonderful victory. Long live football and friendship between peoples.

The French president first tweeted: “Congratulations to the French team for their journey and their fighting spirit in this World Cup. You have thrilled the Nation and supporters around the world. Congratulations to Argentina for their victory.”

Neymar and Ronaldo congratulate Messi

“Congratulations my brother,” wrote Brazilian player Neymar on his social networks, a message showing a photo of Messi all smiles, stroking the World Cup trophy with one hand, and holding that of the best player of the tournament of the tournament. ‘other.

Ronaldo, great craftsman of the fifth and last world title of the Seleçao, in 2002, also wanted to congratulate Messi on Instagram. “This guy plays so well that he goes beyond any rivalry, even a historic rivalry like that between Brazil and Argentina,” reacted the legendary former striker of FC Barcelona and Inter Milan.

“It is a farewell [to the World Cups] at the height of his genius. He is much more than the best player of this World Cup, he marked an era. I imagine my friend Diego [Maradona] must be partying in the sky. We are millions of all nationalities standing up to applaud you. Well done, Messi! “, he added.

Pelé congratulates Argentina

“Congratulations to Argentina! Diego is certainly smiling at the moment, ”wrote on Instagram the Brazilian legend Pelé, in reference to the Argentinian player Diego Maradona who died on November 25, 2020, and world champion in 1986.

“Today, football continues to tell its story, as always in an exciting way. Messi winning his first World Cup, as his trajectory deserved. My dear friend Mbappé scoring four goals [including the shot on goal] in a final. What a gift it was to witness this spectacle for the future of our sport,” the 82-year-old former player continued from his hospital bed in Sao Paulo where he is battling colon cancer.

“Eternal glory to Messi” headlines a column by Olé, reflecting the general feeling in Argentina, which had been waiting for nearly twenty years for the world title of its famous number 10. Messi, “the cup was missing from his list: a double and champion tears,” said TyC Sports, an Argentinian sports channel.

“Unforgettable final”, “delirium”, “ecstasy”, “the best final of all time”, flourish in the Argentine press which savors as it should a third planetary triumph.

Argentina-France: world champions or vice … how much to touch in FIFA bonuses

As in every international competition, Fifa will distribute money to the Football Federation.

Lose or win in the final, the reigning world champions will get a hell of a lot. Indeed, Fifa had announced before the start of the competition that the sum of 440 million dollars (or approximately 417 million euros) would be distributed among the 32 participants in the final phase.

The bonuses were then scalable according to the course of the teams involved. And with its arrival in the final, the winning team will leave Qatar either with the 42 million dollars (40 million euros) promised to the winner, or with the 30 million (28.4 million euros) promised to the finalist. The Blues will leave Qatar with 28.4 million euros, less than in the 2018 title which brought in 32.5 million euros to the FFF.

The FFF will redistribute 30% of its earnings, or eight million euros, to its players, including potentially Karim Benzema, Didier Deschamps and the four members of the staff of the France team.

The Blues will each receive a total of 22,000 euros per match for image rights, which had caused so much ink to flow in the spring and then in September. This sum will be proportional to the number of matches played in this World Cup.

They will each receive the 295,000 euros donated by Fifa and 449,000 euros in total, including image rights. A nice sum to reward the tricolor.

Note that in Russia, each world champion had collected 350,000 euros.

“Muchachos”, become the anthem for the WORLD CUP

Fernando Romero is not in the group of the Argentine world champion team, nor among its technical staff. The name of this 30-year-old Argentinian will however remain associated with the epic of Albiceleste, who won his third world title against France on Sunday, December 18.

This teacher, passionate about football and a fan of Racing, offered supporters and players of Argentina a new anthem for the World Cup in Qatar: “Muchachos”, which brings together the team, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and the Falklands. Written on an existing melody, it has become the song of this World Cup-2022, both in the stands of Qatar stadiums and on the lawn, as well as for millions of Argentina fans around the screens.

In particular, he sought in his words to bring together the two greatest figures of Argentine football: Maradona and Messi. “I was born in Argentina, land of Diego and Lionel, land of Falkland kids that I will never forget”. And for Fernando Romero, there is no doubt that the “Pibe de oro” watches over the selection from heaven.

Several players and personalities have taken up this anthem. So much so that La Mosca decided, in collaboration with Fernando Romero, to record a new version of his song. And the success quickly became phenomenal.

The song still has a bright future ahead of it, as the celebrations promise to be crazy for this third world title. And La Mosca hopes to be able to play this song in the presence of the entire Argentina team and the precious World Cup trophy. The world champions are expected in Buenos Aires, Monday, December 19, for a party that promises to be unforgettable.

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