23 avril 2024

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The tenants of “Retirement Home 2” present at the preview

Le Grand Rex

While waiting for its cinema release on February 14 on Valentine's Day, the film Retirement Home 2 was previewed on February 13 in Paris at the Grande Rex.

While waiting for its cinema release on February 14 on Valentine’s Day, the film Retirement Home 2 was previewed on February 13 in Paris at the Grande Rex.

Retirement home 2 tells the continuation of the adventures of Milann and the residents of the retirement home: Fleurette, Sylvette, Alfred, Edmond… who now rub shoulders with the children of an orphanage. It’s about shenanigans surrounding a dark expulsion affair.

When the Lino Vartan home – which welcomes young orphans and seniors – has to close for health reasons, Milann has no other choice but to respond to the invitation from a retirement home in the South which welcomes them for the summer. Everyone boards Alban’s bus. Children and elders then discover the Bel Azur Club, an idyllic villa by the sea: the dream! A godsend for these orphaned kids who have never had a vacation…

Explanations provided to children passionate about the filming conditions, congratulations and friendly exchanges with seniors who are sometimes a hundred years old and always independent… The Parisian actor gave of himself before an exhaustive photo shoot. Lépine is the first retirement home to preview this feature film directed by Claude Zidi Jr.

Because “Retirement Home 2” is not without a message. As with the first opus, Kev Adams joined forces with the 1 letter 1 smile association, which offers to write a letter to an isolated senior. “I collected five cards from children,” rejoices Colette Petit. They were very kind even though I didn’t know them. »

An exclusive screening which delighted the residents of Lépine, this is the whole objective of Kev Adams, for whom this film is above all “a tribute to his grandparents”, but also a means of “highlighting this which is doing well in many retirement homes while denouncing what is going wrong elsewhere” and which was highlighted by the Orpea scandal in 2022.

After a preview tour throughout France, it was Paris’ turn to present the second part of the feature film, Retirement House 2.

In this two-month preview tour, actor Kev Adams also had small obstacles to overcome, such as the appendicitis operation he underwent in January. But none of these vicissitudes made him give up meeting his fans, finding the young and old who were waiting for him in each city, in front of the cinemas as well as in the cinemas where the preview takes place.

Autographs or photos of the film’s protagonists, notably Kev Adams, were not missing from the panorama of the meetings over these two months.

Don’t miss this exceptional film from today, February 14 at the cinema, to discover exclusively what promises to be one of the most hilarious comedies of the year 2024. “Retirement Home 2” will make you laugh out loud while touching you right in the heart. So, prepare yourself for an unforgettable cinematic experience and mark this date in your calendar!

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