22 avril 2024

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Pro D2: Mont de Marsan loses in Colomiers, with “the impression of hitting against a wall”

Mont de Marsan lost to Colomiers (22-15) during the 23rd day of Pro D2.

Mont de Marsan lost to Colomiers (22-15) during the 23rd day of Pro D2.

Colomiers still believes in its chances of qualifying for the promotion play-offs. The Haut-Garonnais welcomed this Friday March 8 in the evening the Stade Montois (23rd day), member of the Top 4.

Still engaged in the race for the promotion play-offs, Colomiers, ranked 8th, tied on points with 7th and 6th (Agen and Aurillac also at 51 points), wanted to achieve a big blow this Friday March 8, against Stade Montois, 4th and who remained on two consecutive successes.

If there is one evil that haunts Stade Montois this season, it is its indiscipline away from home. With 14 penalties conceded (as many against Colomiers), Mont de Marsan can harbor many regrets from its trip to the Toulouse suburbs which ended in a defeat without bonus (22-15).

If the first period was not very moving, it was nonetheless the most “unbridled”! It was the former Dacquois Rodrigo Marta who broke through the Mons defense from the start to open the scoring (third, 5-0). The Landes attackers immediately responded and started the revolt with Raphaël Robic’s attempt (14th, 5-5).

The carried balls are closely monitored by referee Aurélie Groizeleau and Mont de Marsan is penalized, allowing scorer Thomas Girard to score two penalties (21st, 32nd). However, it was precisely on one of them that the Mons scored the second try through Florian Dufour (29th). Colomiers only leads by one point at half-time (11-10).

The second game begins, the contribution of the Columérin bench is felt and the Mons multiply the errors, coming up against an iron defense. Unlike Dax, Colomiers made the difference in the middle of the second half. Two penalties from Girard (54th, 59th) and a try from Séguéla (64th, 22-10) allowed them to make the break.

Mont de Marsan wastes a huge cartridge under the poles at the start of the last quarter of an hour, but manages to score in added time through Jules Even (84th, 22-15).

Mission accomplished for La Colombe with a 22-15 success.

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