22 juin 2024

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Number 10: broadcast on Prime Video, the crazy night of a young football star

The young man has one night to decide while his family, friends and fans are waiting for him.

Ibrahima Diallo, plays Ousmane Diallo, main character in Numéro 10, a film by David Diane, who must choose between the French and Senegalese selections. The actor is also a professional boxer and particularly concerned by dual nationality.

Amazon is once again attempting the adventure of the French football film, with the release online, this Friday, January 26, of Numéro 10. If we could criticize the first for its almost angelic vision of the rivalry between Marseille and Parisian supporters, the film by David Diane does not hesitate to tackle a subject that grates in the world of football: how dual nationals choose their national selection.

Ousmane Diallo, the new international football star, 20 years old, will see his life and career turned upside down when he will have to choose the national team in which he wishes to play: that of France where he was born, or that of Senegal , country of his father and his origins. The young man has one night to decide while his family, friends and fans are waiting for him. A touching scenario dealing with binationality or even racism and carried by Camille Chamoux, who plays the mother of the footballer, Ragnar Le Breton, in the shoes of the manager, Ilyes Djadel who plays the assistant and the best friend, but also and above all Ibrahima Diallo, who plays the leading role. This is a great first for someone who had to step into the shoes of a football king even though he is a professional boxer.

Ibrahima Diallo is a professional boxer and hopes to be world champion in 4 to 5 years. He was not destined to star in a film, at least not right away. For this film, he was spotted on Instagram and invited to successful castings. The name of the film fits well with his childhood dream, he who hoped to be the future number 10 of Arsenal before turning to boxing at the age of 15 and making a career there.

“I was contacted again while I was training in Spain. I did a zoom casting… Two months later, in Paris this time, I met David Diane (the director). I did some tests again, he looked happy… Then I took tests again and went on vacation to Guinea. There, David called me… I never imagined being taken for a leading role at 24, with no experience. I’m a real self-taught.”

Boxing doesn’t allow you to rest for six months, when it’s time to get back in the ring, the guy in front is capable of killing you. I had a fight before filming, the next one is in March. After my career, I will really devote myself to cinema.

“It was tough, a makeup artist always told me: “But you’re crazy, we’re going to sleep, you’re going to run!” I still had to train seven hours a day.”

A successful first major role for Ibrahima Diallo who also amazed her fictional mother, Camille Chamoux. “I was amazed when I saw Ibrahima being at ease. He wasn’t at all stressed by the placements even though we don’t control that at the beginning,” declared the actress, delighted to give the replies to the young actor whom she has advised a lot and to whom she promises a good career.

Life after the movie

“I’m in an agency now, I don’t need to look at social media anymore. I spoke about it with my boxing manager: if I have the ability to be disciplined and rigorous, there is a way to pursue both careers in parallel, with small projects as an actor, one or two per year. The release of the film will be a turning point. If I’m good, I’m good. And If I’m Bad, I’m Bad, is my first film. »

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