25 juillet 2024

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Isabelle is a flame in Guadeloupean art

Issabelle, a first name predestined for the seventh art.

Before telling you who Issabelle FIRMO MARCHAIS is, I would like to tell you what her first name symbolizes. What is the above all force of the pen which most often influences the life of the one who wears it. If the parents did not know why they chose this first name, I believe and I like to believe that each of us is predestined to have a first name that will be reflected throughout our lives, without knowing what its karma is.

The first name Issabella is of Hebrew origin and means: daughter of Baal, promise of God, dedicated to God, God is perfection.

The form of the first name Issabelle is a diminutive which comes from the first name Elisabeth – widespread in Europe and throughout the world, mainly thanks to the influence of the Bible, Elisabeth takes its origin from an ancient Hebrew first name Elisheba or Elizewa. The correspondent “El” names “God” and “sheba” the number “seven” – the number of perfection and the symbol of fullness. The two form a compound word meaning “God is perfection.”

The name Elisabeth transformed over time into Elisabel, Lisabel and Issabelle. Name derivatives: Elis, Elisa, Liza.

Not only are the fine arts different from each other, but each of them has different visions of what beauty is, with different trends in different countries and historical moments.

There are currently seven forms of artistic achievement or representation of what is considered artistically beautiful. They are considered pure art forms and use different techniques, materials and procedures.

What are the 7 arts of which Isabelle possesses a part, just as her name has the number seven?

Since the idea of fine arts was born, 6 have been included in this classification: painting, music, sculpture, architecture, literature and dance. Later, in the 20th century, cinema was added.

But Issabelle FIRMO MARCHAIS has an artistic penchant for painting, she expresses her reality by using pigments and creating paintings trying to convey a message that will last.

For over 20 years, 23 years to be exact, the artist has been exhibiting his paintings in art galleries and exhibitions so that his artistic creations can be admired by art lovers

But before becoming a painter, Issabelle FIRMO MARCHAIS, produced cultural programs, so she discovered that her talent could be made known to the public, even if she was attracted from childhood to draw during school hours, princesses and animals or even geometric figures.

In 1997, Issabelle FIRMO MARCHAIS returned to Guadeloupe, where from June she worked at ICV Guadeloupe (Director Joseph Karam) as a production assistant and production manager, then she was production assistant at RFO GUADELOUPE, from 1998. and until the end of 2003.

At the same time, she began to devote her free time to painting her works of art which would see the light of day in art galleries from 2001, on the theme “First Wave”.

Easily discovered and understood by art lovers, she has her doors open and will exhibit her magnificent and attractive works each year in different venues to any color-loving eye.


– November 2023
“DEPTHS” exhibition From Saturday November 18 to December 29, 2023
– March 2021
FRAGMENTATION – painting exhibition at CORPO ART’
– 2020 Solidarity action THE ART of Helping
Creation of “CORONAFLEURUS” drawings in 2020…
The principle was as follows: The public chose a drawing or other creation and bet the desired amount in an online prize pool. We were able to help around ten families…

Painting exhibition and various creations in
APRIL 2012.
JUNE 2018
DEC 2021
DEC 2022

2014 Exhibition
“Identity patchworks” Acrylic     on canvas – Restaurant le Yacth Club in Pointe à Pitre

Hall of Guadeloupe premiere – Exhibition of paintings

“Identity patchworks” Acrylic on canvas – November 2013
* Guadeloupe Première Hall – Exhibition of paintings and mosaics
“Colors of the worlds” – in 2008
* Arts and Culture Center from P to P – “Silhouettes” painting exhibition March 2005
* Hall RFO Guadeloupe – Exhibition of paintings “Nature and materials” January 2004
* RFO Guadeloupe Hall – “Blue” Paintings Exhibition – November 2003
* RFO Guadeloupe Hall – “First Wave” painting exhibition April 2001

In January 2004, she held the position of associate production director within the production company EXTERIEUR JOUR (Producers Cyril BORDY and Alain BUERA). In 2015, she created CORPO ART’, an audiovisual and events production company.

Isabelle FIRMO MARCHAIS, created the CORPO ART’ L’ART D’AIDER Association in 2023, out of her desire to support young artists, a desire coming from her own experience as an artist. “Painting is a passion of mine, organizing my first exhibition was a real obstacle course.”

“A first exhibition is always a source of stress and great fear for an artist, and this is even more true when you are a self-taught artist. We wonder if we are ready, if the public will like our paintings, if we will be able to sell our creations.”

The association “CORPO ART’ L’ART D’AIDER” aims to support both beginners and experienced artists, each of whom is afraid of the way in which they will be received by the critical gaze of visitors, what may be his unique gift.
Any artist, regardless of their experience, famous or beginner, is afraid of disappointing art lovers with their works, even if they live up to expectations. He fears that his works where he reveals his intimacy and his imaginary or moving secrets experienced at the moment of painting a painting, that his spherical vision of his source of inspiration cannot be accepted, or that no one will buy his painting.

Isabelle FIRMO MARCHAIS, lived this experience and lived it for more than 20 years, that her artistic works would not attract anyone’s attention and would not be purchased when displayed in galleries or exhibitions. She has imagined and experienced these moments at every event and knows what it means to be a beginner. Even more so when the visitor becomes critical of your work, and he did not buy your painting proves that he did not experience these moments where you travel in the imaginary world.

She wishes to support artists in setting up their first exhibition, by managing logistics, organizing the exhibition, and financing the opening.
The association will facilitate the implementation of actions for the promotion and enhancement of artists and their art.

The association aims:
-     Federate and promote the artistic activity of its members within a collective of artists, through group exhibitions, a collective website and various actions;
-     Organize artistic and cultural events and demonstrations, particularly highlighting the visual arts;
-     Respond to calls for tenders and artistic competitions;
-     Participate in artistic events organized by third parties (fair, exhibition, exhibition, festival, etc.);
-     Create cultural mediation actions through initiation and artistic discovery workshops;
-     Encourage the meeting of its members by organizing real or virtual workshops.
-     Produce TV programs on art and culture and more generally all industrial, commercial or financial, movable or real estate operations, which may be directly or indirectly linked to the corporate purpose or likely to facilitate its extension or development .

To do this, the association uses the following means of action:
-     Pooling the skills of its members;
-     Exchanges with other associations and collectives of the same type;
-     Information to interested but non-member audiences;
-     The development, implementation and promotion of artistic projects.

On January 12, Issabelle met at her exhibition in Guadeloupe entitled “Resilience”, where she succeeded in bringing together art lovers and the world of fine arts around her paintings. A true masterpiece of the utopia of the bifurcated sphere in the shadow of the artist’s intimacy through his works.
Check out the association’s future exhibition events and workshops to follow.

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