16 juin 2024

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LOLA TILL: Be Your Own Harmonist

Be Your Own Harmonist is a unique guide book to access the total well-being of body and mind and soul.

Be Your Own Harmonist is a unique guide book to access the total well-being of body and mind and soul.

Lola Till, a businesswoman, philanthropist, president of charitable foundations and mother of three children, created the perfume house THE HARMONIST, the House of Uzbekistan, ex-ambassador to UNESCO. She has a degree in international law, a doctorate in psychology, and trained at the Gaia School Of Herbral Medicine and Earth Education in the United States. She is dedicated to awakening the delicate interplay between physical, emotional and mental health.

What is the secret of the triangle that gives beauty to a human being?

Author of a book, she explains in this guide how she found the secret in three structured points of human existence thanks to the ancestors but also to the energy of the planets, or better said, thanks to nature.

Can the guide be a trinity or an almanac of beauty, which sends the lever of universal existence into the 21st century of a multitude of advice in many fields…
From high frequency dieting, to transforming our thought patterns, to creating connections with nature and the world around us.

When nature emanates the oxygen we breathe and the planets bring a source of existence to the earth, we understand that each person has a psychological and biological structure to control, but that we have no interest in succeeding in remaining in a pure trinity, which is the physical, the spirituality and the soul, we take everything easily as if we had nothing to do for our existence.

Towards inner peace is more than a guide, it is an enlightening fusion of ancient and contemporary wisdom, which will help each of us, to radiate our inner harmony, for ourselves.
and for others.

A quest for comfort, towards inner peace, which will bring us the necessary resources to build a more harmonious world, an immersion in a universe of excellence in health and magic for the power of soul and spirit. .

The human body has searched and searched for millions of years to find a lever for physical, as well as mental and emotional success, but each time it gets lost because it does not seek the simple offers brought by what surrounds it. He likes to study and get involved in certain discoveries or even in certain practices that he imposes on himself or even builds strict rules, when next to him it is nature that nourishes you and animates you, what surrounds you and ‘soul.

In this book, the reader receives practical advice on all aspects of life, from adopting a healthy diet to transforming limiting thoughts and creating sacred connections with the world around us, “the book goes so much further in the introspection of being… is a mantra that offers everyone the freedom to be and behave, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.Discover ‘Towards inner peace’, it is to enter a world of essential silences.”

“Towards Inner Peace”, the French translation of the book by Lola Tillyaeva (Till), “Be Your Own Harmonist”, received a special prize on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Cocktail & Culture Association.

As an inspiring voice in the field of well-being, Lola published her guide “Be Your Own Harmonist”, in September 2020 and published the French translation in October 2022, “Towards Inner Peace”. The French version of “Be Your Own Harmonist” is published by Idées du Monde (IDM) and has been translated by Bianca Guitton.

Lola Tillyaeva (Till) is a multifaceted woman, businesswoman, writer, UNESCO ex-ambassador, perfume designer, nature lover and also a good vegan cook (vegan).

Lola Tillyaeva, born in Uzbekistan. She created the Maison de l’Uzbékistan, a gallery-boutique. Once at the heart of the Silk Road, Uzbekistan is a fascinating country where diverse cultures have intermingled and enriched each other for thousands of years. Modern Uzbek culture is a real melting pot where various Eastern and Western influences intertwine through the trade of handicrafts, precious metals and textiles on the Silk Road.

Lola Till has a passion for promoting Uzbek culture and traditions abroad. Bringing the culture of his native country to a European audience is part of the commitment.

You still have to discover how you can nourish yourself by having Towards inner peace… A real reflection on our well-being,
A guide to finding the secrets of our health… Written by a woman whose career and initiatives fit well with our times!
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