25 avril 2024

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Confessions of a dopeur, a testimony of the author

Most of the time, we do not find a book where there is an author's testimony on the reality of the involvement of an athlete in doping.

Most of the time, we do not find a book where there is an author’s testimony on the reality of the involvement of an athlete in doping.

It is either a biography of an athlete, or a story of doping in professional sport, but never in the simple life of a person drawn to (amateur) sport.

Cyrille de Vergie, former bodybuilder and physical trainer, the author explains that no discipline, not even sport shooting, is spared: all athletes need to dope to maintain an unnatural rhythm. He also shows how sport destroys the body – he has personally experienced this.

Does the author tell us about an experience of how a human being, regardless of his social status, destroys his health, believing that sport is intended to bring him physical balance?

I tend to believe that it is an incursion into the social deepening of each individual who has complexes linked to his personality and his appearance in front of others. It is only my point of view, but after the discovery made by the author one discovers that certain sports personalities have resorted to less orthodox methods, and that the sport has unimaginable repercussions, whatever the decision taken. For example, doping is a middle ground for professional athletes, given the scandals athletes have been involved in over the years.

What prompted the former bodybuilder and physical trainer to write a book about the repercussions of doping?

Cyrille de Vergie explains his atypical career, his encounters (sometimes with celebrities) in the sports microcosm, evoking many eloquent anecdotes. In parallel with his official career, he himself recommended substances to athletes in order to help them boost their performance, until he became a central figure in the supply of doping products in France. It details how they work, their effects on the body, as well as the means used to circumvent the controls. After having drawn a line under this past, the author wishes to warn readers: doping is not without consequence on the life of the sportsman as on that of his entourage.

Does he feel responsible for recommending substances to athletes, or has he discovered on his own skin, the errors and the results of doping?

Today, every person wants to have a perfect body, like a “Greek god,” but physical and mental efforts do not allow them to achieve such performance, different substances are used that are not beneficial to the body, during long periods. Only if you know how to control your addiction to consumption.

Cyrille de Vergie, the author of the book attempts to expose the involvement of the sports team and the sports club in doping. So, usually, when eventually discovered, the athlete is eliminated and the club looks for settlements. only by trying to read between the lines are you able to understand that you didn’t get much when others used you for their image, but usually they are based on treatments following a medical diagnosis which helps to mask the temptation of doping, as in the case of asthma.

But for a bodybuilder, we know that anabolic steroids are necessary in order to have a body like Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger, who consumed doping substances.
In the case of gymnasts, like that of the Russian Olga Kovalenko, who was forced to be pregnant and have an abortion to have an exceptional performance, after 10 weeks.
The author attempts to narrate the event and the performances to help the reader understand what is behind a team or how legal doping can be created which can be fatal in the future, explaining that many gymnasts have been forced to have sex with their coaches.

Doctors agree to praise the merits of sport for health. However, sport can also become a disease.

” Sport is health ! we say. But we see that not always: injuries, psychological disorders, physical deformations, assaults and even sexual violence, covered by clubs and federations plagued by the excesses of the sports market… By proposing a discourse against the current, it reveals the dark reality of sports. A stunning testimony.

Doctors, educators, nutritionists, all agree to recommend a regular sporting activity, guaranteeing good health, for children as for adults, including seniors.

However, sport can become pathological: for those who suffer from what is called “bigorexia”, it is indeed a real obsession that pushes those who are affected to practice a sport in an intense and excessive way, to the point of become an addiction.

Cyrille de Vergie, published “Confessions of a doper” with the editions of the New World and tell us about his story and the misdeeds of sport when it becomes an obsession.

He now wishes to warn about the risks that sport can entail.

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