25 avril 2024

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Jean d’Estrées: The adventure and beauty of the stars

On Wednesday May 17, an evening dedicated to cosmetics and Jean D'estrées was held at the Pavillon Royal, in Cannes.

On Wednesday May 17, an evening dedicated to cosmetics and Jean D’estrées was held at the Pavillon Royal, in Cannes. Jean d’Estrées is the one who enhanced the feminine image thanks to the cosmetics and perfumes created to highlight the artists of the European and American cinematographic world.

How many Hollywood stars owe him their stunning look, their devastating smile, their transparency of complexion? Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Michèle Morgan, Gina Lollobrigida, Greta Garbo, the last queen of Egypt, President Johnson’s wife, but also Jeanne Moreau, Claudia Cardinale… entrusted her with their faces.

Jean d’Estrées created Visagism. To be a facialist is to be a physiognomist, to underline in each personality what makes it attractive, captivating, unique as much by a sketch, a gesture of make-up, and the application of a cream, a mask or a lotion. .

He initiated gestures that have become make-up techniques taken up and practiced all over the world such as contouring, strobing, glowing… and his advice makes it possible to rebalance a mouth that is too thin, open a look or sculpt an oval are classics of a successful make-up.

Thomas Mis, organizer of the event, wanted to underline the existence of the beauty offered by Jean d’Estrées, descendant of Henri IV. D’Estrées, this name that resonates so contemporary, is also that of a great gentleman of beauty who inherited from beautiful Gabrielle, the sense of harmony, color, detail as well as the taste for natural perfection.

A school of beauty recognized all over the world

Jean d’Estrées created a beauty school to train beauticians from all over the world. He was far from imagining that his school would end up crossing the French border, in Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico, than in Nice. Even less to think that from everywhere beauticians and beauticians would come to do internships..

Pupils from Europe but also from the other side of the world, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Central America, Japan and South America, come to receive a school certificate which is recognized by all the associations of estheticians around the world. Beauticians from well-known houses such as Guerlain, Monteil, Orlane and Juvénis have completed internships at the Jean d’Estrées school. In addition, he has trained all the major American hairdressers, whether Arden, Revlon, Rubinstein, Max Factor, etc.

Anne Mari,e received a prize for her 40 years of collaboration at the “Maison Jean d’Estrées”, a career that deserves to be highlighted and celebrated by its existence.
Present in 540 partner institutes in France, the brand is distributed in more than 25 countries, enhancing the beauty of women for more than 60 years.

Every year, during the Cannes Film Festival, Thomas Mis organizes events dedicated to the artists and the festival, including the May 17 event dedicated to the house of Jean d’Estrées.

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