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The biggest traveling funfair in France, the Foire du Trône 2023 returns from March 31 to May 29, 2023? Lawn of Reuilly (75012) in Paris.

The largest traveling funfair in France, the Foire du Trône 2023 returns from March 31 to May 29, 2023, Pelouse de Reuilly (75012) in Paris.

The last edition welcomed nearly 3,6 million visitors and this year, young and old will be able to discover nearly 350 attractions. The inauguration evening took place on March 31 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and the money collected for the entries will be donated to the association CéKeDuBonheur, which helps hospitalized children. To do this, the purchase of the bracelet at 10 euros during the inauguration day, will give a reduction of 50% on each carousel of the fair from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Attractions of the year

The main attraction of the Foire du Trône is its Ferris wheel. It is the brightest in Europe and its ghost train changes scenery each year, while being the largest in France.

Alongside the traditional rides such as the Ferris wheel, the roller coaster, the slides, the ghost train, the rotors and caterpillars or even duck fishing for toddlers, and the ice palace, new spectacular attractions are present, alongside shops and food stands (doughnuts, pancakes, fried sausages, etc…).

This year, visitors will be happy to find something to make them shiver and experience thrills. La Sauterelle, the Top Spin, the Thriller and the Live Horror Show with real actors will be there. The youngest will not be forgotten thanks to the Crazy Space laugh box, the Infernal Toboggan, the Quad Junior, King Baby, Paris Dakar and many other games.

Since last year, you can sharpen your feelings with the Free Dance swing, a new Rotor model, the Tikki party turntable and a new carousel for children.

What does the CéKeDuBonheur association represent?

Throughout the year, the CéKeDuBonheur association organizes more than a hundred actions in 120 healthcare establishments across France. It thus responds to the expectations of nearly 17,000 young people and their families by creating workshops (writing, photography, magic, cooking, etc.), festive events on special occasions such as Christmas, the Fête de la Musique or Halloween again. It also organizes concerts, shows or outings to amusement parks.

For the inauguration of the Foire du Trône, Family Passes worth 600 euros are sold for 4 people. On this occasion, France Bleue radio offered the possibility of winning a Family Pass by calling the radio on 01 42 30 10 10 during the announcement on the air or by filling out a form from March 27 to May 8.

The figures of the association

– 105 health establishments
– 160 artists, athletes and stakeholders mobilized
– 180 volunteers involved
– 340 actions all year round
– 18,000 shared smiles
– 37,620 gifts distributed.

Trône was born in 957 under the name of “Gingerbread Fair. Over time, it has become one of the oldest in Europe.

Since 2004, the association has been chaired by Hélène Sy and sponsored by Valérie Damidot, Leila Beikhti and Omar Sy. Its actions take place around pedagogy, games, entertainment and well-being in care centers.

History of the Throne Fair

The Foire du Trône was born in 957, following the decision of King Lothaire who authorized the monk-bakers of the Abbey of St Antoine to sell their bread to the population affected by famine at that time. Over time, the “Throne Fair” appeared. From a charity sale, it has become a big party bringing together clowns, jugglers and other acrobats.

After almost 2 centuries, the gingerbread pig appeared. In 1131, the baker-monks of St Antoine decided to create the gingerbread pig in order to thank King Louis Le Gros who had authorized the continuation of the wanderings of their pigs in the heart of Paris, while other animals were prohibited. . The sale of this delicacy took place during the St Antoine Fair. This open market was then called the “Foire du Trône”. in reference to the place where he stood, Porte du Trône.

The fair took off in the 19th century, in 1880 when the number of fairgrounds reached more than 2,000. This led to its move to the lawn of Reuilly (75012) in 1964 until today.

Inauguration evening

The inauguration evening of the 1063rd edition took place on March 31 at Pelouse de Reuilly, in the presence of many guests. We expect nearly 3 million visitors over 2 months and nearly 180,000 people during weekends.

This year, around Singrid and Marcel Campion, we could meet Sylvie Ortéga, and Antoine Wend, Lord Kossity, Farid Khider, Jérémy Bellet and also the mascot, the pig Troni, who wandered the aisles.

Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut, wife of the late journalist, presenter of the JT on TF1, Jean-Pierre Pernaut was present on April 1, the day of the official opening to the public of the Foire du Trône, to celebrate the baptism of the main alley of the Fair which will bear the name: Allée Jean-Pierre Pernaut, in his homage.

Practical information


Free admission
Average price of attractions from 2 to 10 in €
Pass including 10 carousel rides and 16 discount vouchers is sold on the internet from 26 to 30€.
Inauguration evening: 15€ for children under 12 and 25€ for adults (20€ in presale)


Sunday to Friday: 12pm-11pm
Saturdays and eves of public holidays: 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.
April 1: 2-11 p.m.


Metro: Line 8, Porte Dorée station
Tram: Tram 3a from Nation, Porte Dorée station
Bus: 87 from Gare de Lyon or Bastille, Porte Dorée station.

Catering and refreshments

Many points of sale


Any object that could serve as a projectile or constitute a weapon or endanger the safety of the public is prohibited within the enclosure of the Fair, including crutches and helmets.


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