3 décembre 2023

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National: RC Narbonnais brings down Blagnac just one point of difference

Rugby Club Narbonnais brought down Blagnac Sporting Club by winning by a small point.

For several weeks, the trend has continued to repeat itself, after the resumption of the championship in January. Winners of five victories, those of Racing Club Narbonnais managed to win a sixth match against those of Blagnac with a single point difference.

The last confrontation between Racing Club Narbonne and Blagnac, and each time hooked, as during the meeting at the start of the 2019 – 2020 season, when the RCN was afraid of its opponents seeing that the match was ending (29-24) and at halftime it was (21-3). But fear helped them gain confidence and win the game. The last home victory dates back to January against Bourgoin (26-20).

RC Narbonnais won against Blagnac this Saturday, on behalf of the 23rd day of National, after a crazy match.

An extremely intense match with 10 tries, 5 on each side. A start and a money time totally to the advantage of Blagnac but the Narbonnais wanted to break this series of 3 consecutive defeats at home. Narbonnaise action and reaction which will take the score after a quarter of an hour of play and accentuate it until the 60th before breaking down and showing indiscipline leaving Blagnac to return to the score and die one point behind. RC Narbonne. The RCN wins. Blagnac gets his more than deserved defensive bonus.

But we have a catastrophic management of the match, we put ourselves in danger on our own so it’s very frustrating at this level. At one point we lead by 21 points and we find ourselves only one point ahead at the end of the match and we can even lose it. We had knots in our stomachs, frustration, but we still won against Blagnac.

Brice Mach, coach of the Aude forwards, did not fail to show his frustration after the final whistle.

Especially when you look at the gap we had in the score. We are talking at this time about winning the match and not losing it. Despite everything, we showed a good state of mind, we defended well, even when we were at 13. It’s far-fetched, but we’re going to keep the positive, it’s still important to win after two month without a win at home.

Rugby Club Narbonnais brought down Blagnac Sporting Club by winning by a small point. It was with a score of 38 to 37 that the two teams left. A fine performance from Narbonne which therefore turns 9th and Blagnac 4th.