25 juillet 2024

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Get drunk at the Arab World Institute with “Parfums d’Orient”

Only a few days left to see the “Parfums d’Orient” exhibition at the IMA!

Only a few days left to see the “Parfums d’Orient” exhibition at the IMA!

A fascinating exhibition on perfumes and their history which will take you from the High Atlas in Morocco to the shores of the Indian Ocean, from Marrakech to Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman.

Since High Antiquity, Arabia, the crossroads of the trade in spices and precious aromatics, has been the land of origin of incense and myrrh, oud, musk and ambergris, wonders, brought by caravans which will swarm on the banks of the Mediterranean and the Euphrates.

Perfume is closely linked to Arab-Muslim culture with ointments, fumigations, oils, balms, and other waters.
The prophet of Islam also had a pronounced taste for women, prayer… and perfumes.

From the Mediterranean basin to the Middle East, we cultivate roses, saffron, jasmine and orange trees, particularly fragrant flowers.
The exhibition presents raw materials, manuscripts, miniatures, textiles, paintings, photographs as well as astonishing scent devices created by perfumer Christopher Sheldrake.

We are bewitched, stunned, exhilarated!
In ancient Egypt, before Islam, perfumes were used to communicate with the gods.

With Islam, perfume plays a vital role during the purification rituals that take place in the hammam.
The house is also the place of expression of perfume. We admire the floral water sprinklers, the precious incense burners, the jewelry perfume holders diffusing fragrances with aphrodisiac virtues within the alcove.

The kitchen is not forgotten.
In the Orient, it often uses the same ingredients as perfumery: rose, orange blossom, saffron, spices.
The drinks are flavored.

We discover with wonder the fascinating and sensual world of Oriental perfumes.
A true olfactory journey, heady and magical.

Oriental perfumes

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