7 juin 2023

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GENSHIN IMPACT: Description and instructions for use

Between January 3 and 8, the exhibition collected more than 3,000 visits per day and more during the weekend, where we could see endless queues of fans.

Behind the scenes of video game art.

For the first time, the art of video games human impact is exhibited in Paris, presenting 40 original and derived works.

From January 3 to 10, 2023, Silk Road Europe and Ho Yoverse, new brand of services and entertainment in the world of video games, present an exhibition revealing works by a team of artists, designers, editors, animators and musicians, entitled “Endless adventure in Teyvat”. Between January 3 and 8, the exhibition collected more than 3,000 visits per day and more during the weekend, where we could see endless queues of fans.


Thanks to the support of the players, the game takes international proportions and grows day by day. Since 2020, the year of its creation, it is available in 15 languages. He also received several awards: Players’ Voice du TGA 2022, Best Still Playing Game from the Golden Joystick 2022, Best Mobile Game du TGA 2021, game of the year 2020 on the Apple App Store and Best Game 2020 on Google Player.

Where can we play?

The synchronization function of multi-platform game progression on PC, Android, iOS and Play Station (R) 4/Play Station (R) 5, allows players to explore the immersive world of Teyvat. As well as finding their own style of play, alone or with friends.

How to play?

The player of another world finds himself in the country of Trojen, visiting the different landscapes to search for his family. The game classified PEGI 12 allows you to continue the adventure on Play Station (PS4 and PS5 and any other application.

The game presents the history of the 7 Nations of Treyat. It begins with the course of the 4 already existing stages where we can observe conceptual illustrations, the design of landscapes and elementary creatures, the next step allows you to know more about the process of creating the character. The next chapter is dedicated to musical creation and the adventure memories of players ferment the game.

The Exhibition GENDE IMPACT

GENSHIN IMPACT is a free -world role and adventure game created by Ho Yoverse. The players explore the world of Teyvat and find their style of play.
For the first time, the public can discover 40 original and derived works, but also a collection produced by fans of peoplehin impact, including illustrations, handicrafts or other creations.

The exhibition is divided into 4 parts:

– More than 25 conceptual illustrations presenting a comment worked together artists, a model of the map of the current topography of the 3D game of 14 m² showing a fantastic world with its nations, landscapes, creatures, cultures and stories.
– Unique characters including popular Yun Jin and Xiao. Strakes, anecdotes and life -size reconstructions presenting the way in which artists give life to their characters during the different stages of creation.
– 14 songs and videos of the soundtrack created by Ho Yo-Mix and interpreted by the London Phillarmonic Orchestra, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and the Tokyo Phillarmonic Orchestra, among others.
– Works of fans including those of the duo of French artists Zim & Zou. For 2 years, developers have encouraged fans in the work they produce.

These 4 chapters are:

– The world of Treyat (presentation, elementary elements and creatures), the world of Treyat (artistic conception of landscapes).
– Faithful companions (playful traveling companions and faithful companions). Take photos and win gifts
– Immersive melodies
– An endless adventure (memories of the players of the world impact of the world). Participate in the draw and win a prize. Publish a video on Tiktok. Find Dodoco’s mailbox, (to publish it (as well as videos), use the hashtags #wishes from Teyat and #Aventure without ends in Teylat).

Ho yoverse

Ho Yoverse is a new brand that wants to create an immersive experience in a virtual world for players, around the world by offering services and entertainment like popular games (Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, Honkai: Star Rail and Tears of Themis ). The virtual character lum and the Dynamic Wallpaper Application N0VA Desktop are part of the catalog it offers. It also offers animated, manga, music or light novels.

Installed in Montreal, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul, Ho Yverse is engaged in research and technological development, exploration of advanced technology and its publishing functions.