25 mai 2024

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GALERIES BARTOUX: celebrated its 30th anniversary

30 years of existence serving art in the four corners of the world.

30 years of existence serving art in the four corners of the world.

Building on their family heritage on the contemporary art scene, the Galeries Bartoux (managed by Isabelle, Robert, Jean-Guy, Alexandre and Charles Bartoux) have come a long way since the opening of their first gallery in Honfleur in 1993 , then in Saint-Paul de Vence in 1995, in towns where the history is strongly associated with that of painting. The group now has 20 galleries around the world, and continues its development in France and internationally.

On October 19, 800 people, friends, artists and collaborators crossed the threshold of the Galerie Bartoux located at 5 av Matignon, to write the history of art over its 30 years of existence during an evening entitled “ART MUST GO ON!”

Each artist and collaborator contributed to the genesis of the Bartoux Gallery, by transposing art and bringing the artists’ journey into the incursion of existence and cultural life, into the ephemeral transhumance of the contemporary world.

In February, the sculptor Bruno Catalano exhibited at the Bartoux gallery, to celebrate his 30 years of artistic career, which coincides with the 30 years of the gallery, an foray to demonstrate that age equality is a lever of common solidarity .

After a close collaboration dating back more than 10 years, it was only natural that Galeries Bartoux offered their 500 m2 setting on three levels on Avenue Matignon for this unique visual and sensory artistic experience presenting classic works by Bruno Catalano as well as an immersive environment where image, sound and lights are activated by visitors’ movements.

This first personal exhibition by the Marseille sculptor is a dive into the artist’s creative process and into the world of Voyageurs, his flagship series. The journey through the gallery rooms is designed as an interactive experience which accompanies visitors in a discovery of the artist’s intimacy.

It evokes the history of the men and women who served as models, but also the multiple stages in the life of clay, plaster, wax and bronze. So many materials which become, under the hand of the sculptor, material to be moved.

In the same way, Isabelle, Robert, Jean-Guy, Alexandre and Charles Bartoux, constructed the history of art and transcribed the image of the Galeries Bartoux, which accompanied renowned artists in the exhibition of their works in the light of the cultural amphitheater, but also the multiple stages of contemporary life.

Specializing in contemporary art, the Bartoux Galleries promote new artistic trends. They also offer the possibility of rediscovering Pop Art and Street Art works. The philosophy of the family group is to reach a wide audience, in order to develop knowledge and sensitivity to international art, by offering insight into new and exciting cultural values.

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