22 juin 2024

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Since her childhood, Marina Geisler-Fedan has always found an interest in fashion and its industry.

Since her childhood, Marina Geisler-Fedan has always found an interest in fashion and its industry.

As a child, her favorite publications were fashion magazines and she was always interested in clothing style, with which she constantly experimented. At that time, Marina’s parents did not have the opportunity to constantly buy clothes and she had to compose different designs around a fashion image, which pushed her to create her own brand several years later.

She quickly launched her own avant-garde brand, composed of comfortable clothing with sporty and casual pieces, including some extravagant and multifunctional ones that can be combined with numerous products. Fashion being cyclical, we regularly find past styles which are repeated with certain changes. However, we can notice that the pandemic has affected the fashion industry, making clothes more comfortable, mixing for example sports shoes with dresses. or loose pants. The idea depends on the person’s style, personality and  the combination of many products in one wardrobe like a denim or leather jacket.

This timeless women’s clothing brand is closely linked to centuries-old painting and architecture. It has a deep philosophy aimed at women who want to buy quality products made from natural materials and who want to be involved in the brand’s mission. The intertwining of echoes of the past and present allows us to observe in products the beauty of the space around us, to see more than others.

The brand

The designer’s idea is to help and not to pollute the planet. The materials used must respect the environment by being ecological.

The brand’s main goal is to touch on beauty while promoting art and architectural lines through the feel of the clothes we wear. We recognize the artists of yesterday and today through products that reflect pictorial or architectural masterpieces. Its DNA expresses form and aesthetics through products that force us to think about the eternal, each product has its own semantic image with its own name, making its owner, someone lucky for whom the world of the art will open on one side.

Currently, Marina has created her first collection and brand, giving it her own name, Marina Geisler-Fedan, because it fully reflects her world. The brand plans to invest part of its funds in projects such as helping children and developing art. The designer graduated from the Academy of Design and is currently working on her next collection of dresses that reflect art, cities and architecture. Her plans also include opening a personal boutique. Marina is also involved in journalism and writes fashion articles for print publications.


The brand’s products are made from nanomaterials and eco-friendly materials that retain their original quality for many years and do not harm the environment. One of the brand’s main goals is to become recognizable and associated not only with fashion, but also with the art world.

The Mega-polis collection

The spring-summer 2023 collection was inspired by a big city, a megacity with modern architecture composed of buildings in gray or blue-gray colors with a blue sky and the sunset which reflects the modernity that we do not notice not always because of the straight lines that show the power and character of modern cities. This is knowledge of psychology and the ability to present an individual picture of each of the clients. Another detail, this denim and pleated collection took part in Fashion Week in Paris last summer.

Who is Marina Geisler-Fedan?

Marina Geisler-Fedan is a stylist, fashion designer and journalist. Originally from Eastern Europe, she settled in Germany, in Munich after following higher studies in marketing and communication. Diploma in 2022 in television and radio journalism from the Ostankin Higher School, near Moscow, communication skills, speech style and presentation allowed it to expand my skills. The same year, she also graduated from the Metrix Online Academy of Design and Branding, having presented the first clothing collection, following her graduation.
With her designer training, skills and knowledge such as analyzing next season’s trends, she moved into clothing design and modeling.



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