23 avril 2024

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Championship: The Toulousains won their fifth consecutive victory against Widnes

Toulouse Olympique are imposed against Widnes this Saturday, during the 17th day of the Championship.

Toulouse Olympique are imposed against Widnes this Saturday, during the 17th day of the Championship.

After a month of June essentially punctuated by success, Toulouse Olympique got off to a good start in July. At the end of the afternoon, the men of Anthony Marion, captain for a day, effectively lined up a fifth consecutive victory allowing them to consolidate their second place in the standings.

Widnes missed his start to the match; which certainly cost him the victory on behalf of this 17th day.

Toulouse remains in front

Toulouse Olympique achieves a 5 out of 5 by overcoming the Widnes Vikings, 4 tries in 15 minutes. Holder in the first line, Dimitri Biscarro launched Toulouse perfectly with a strong try from the fifth minute. Jake Shorrocks converts and the Olympians take the score. Note that Zac Santo is not on the scoresheet for this meeting despite his presence in the group of 21.

We also note the first try of Calum GAHAN under the Olympian tunic. Maxime STEFANI’s try was added to the tally and Sylvain HOULES’ men led 24-0 in the 20th minute, after Jake Shorrocks’ clear round against the posts, his fourth kick to carry the score. After this whirlwind start, the match will drop in intensity, the 2 teams fight in an intense showdown and Widnes manages to pick up the mark. On his wing, MILLAR scored twice just before the break. Score at halftime 24 to 8.

As soon as the resumption, Toulouse goes back and Paul Marcon scores a good try. Jake Shorrocks continues his faultless. But in the process, the Vikings in turn find a loophole that allows them to stay in the game. The TO wants to impose its rhythm and succeeds with a try in the 45th from Paul MARCON, transformed by Jake SHORROCKS, 30 to 8.

Mathieu Jussaume is at the conclusion of a beautiful Toulouse movement but the English still respond immediately. Kieran Dixon goes there with his hat-trick and the score is 36-18 on the hour mark. This devil of Kieran Dixon even scores his fourth try five minutes later and brings his team to 12 points.

The 2 formations are incisive, MILLAR responds to the TO then JUSSAUME scores for his own before MILLAR scores a quadruple. We are playing the 65th of this crazy match, and the score is 36-24.

But Guy Armitage breathes new life into Toulouse 10 minutes from the end by diving into a corner, to widen the gap to 40-24. Widnes scores a last try but Toulouse wins 40 to 28 and continues its series.

Final score 40 to 28 a 5th success in a row for Toulouse, full of confidence they will challenge the London Broncos who defeated them at the Summer Bash last April.

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