13 juillet 2024

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2024 Legislative Elections: Feminist marches organized against the far right this Sunday

Around thirty feminist marches against the far right are organized this Sunday in several cities in France to denounce the "facade feminism" of the National Rally and the "real danger" it represents for women's rights.

Around thirty feminist marches against the far right are organized this Sunday in several cities in France to denounce the “facade feminism” of the National Rally and the “real danger” it represents for women’s rights.

In Paris in particular, the departure at 2:30 p.m. from Place de la République to join Place de la Nation. Demonstrations have taken place in Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Poitiers, Nice and Orléans.

Jordan Bardella published a video addressing the “women of France” on his X account (ex-Twitter). “Tomorrow I will be the Prime Minister who will unfailingly guarantee every girl and woman in France their rights and freedoms,” began the leader of the National Rally. By promising to “go further in the defense of women”, he assured that he wanted to lead “an implacable fight against the insecurity that is causing the freedom of every woman in France to move around the streets and public spaces to regress”.

The feminist associations and unions that are calling for the rally denounce the “facade feminism” of the National Rally and warn of the “real danger” that the party represents for women’s rights. Jordan Bardella denounces “caricatures”. The party president also promised to “fight against medical and particularly gynecological deserts” and the strengthening of sanctions against violence against women. Promises that are only an “instrumentalization” for the associations.

A family that he symbolizes the growing polarization of French society, where opposing political choices can lead to deep fractures. Between Jordan Bardella, who represents “a source of hope for the mother or a cause of national suicide for the son” the generational and ideological gap does not seem likely to close.

The programs of the “two extremes” lead “to civil war”, according to Macron

The programs of the “two extremes” lead “to civil war”: French President Emmanuel Macron frontally attacked his rivals on Monday six days before the legislative elections, targeting in particular the leader of the extreme right, Jordan Bardella, who said he was “ready” to govern.

But has Mr. Macron forgotten that the 100 products proposed for the presidential election by RN were brought to the population during a period of inflation by him!

It is understandable that this situation led to a destabilization of society and gave the “RN” the right to win the European Parliament.

The President of the Republic did not mince his words towards the National Rally (RN, far right), the favorite of the election, and the radical left party La France insoumise (LFI).

“The response of the far right” in terms of insecurity: “because it refers people to a religion or an origin, that is what divides them and pushes them to civil war”, he said. And opposite, LFI proposes “a form of communitarianism”, “but that is also the civil war behind”.

Thérèse voted for Emmanuel Macron in 2017 before supporting Marine Le Pen in 2022, “People’s excuse is to say that Emmanuel Macron has been president for 7 years and that they want change now. There is this form of hatred of the president (…) that is the whole paradox” he confided.

In a letter published Sunday evening in the regional daily press, Emmanuel Macron vowed “to act until May 2027”, thus debunking the idea put forward by some of his opponents, led by Marine Le Pen, that he would be forced to resign in the event of defeat in the legislative elections.

While the left-wing parties, mainly La France Insoumise, are accused by their opponents of ambiguity in the fight against anti-Semitism, the New Popular Front denounced in a column on Sunday an “odious smear campaign led by a Macronie in disarray” and a “trivialization of the extreme right”.

Since the attacks of October 7, anti-Jewish acts have nevertheless quadrupled in one year, according to the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (CRIF). And in recent months, not a week has gone by without an anti-Semitic event being reported. Attempted arson of a synagogue in Rouen, ambiguous statements during the campaign for the European elections, graffiti, insults…

Events that have highlighted the persistence of this scourge. The subject has even become central in the campaign for the early legislative elections: while on the left, some politicians are trying to get rid of the accusations of anti-Semitism that they are subject to, the National Rally (RN), historically marked by its links with anti-Semitic figures, presents itself as the new protector of the Jews. To the point that Serge Klarsfeld, the famous hunter of Nazi criminals, openly defends the RN vote.

Another bias can also prevent us from tackling the issue of anti-Semitism. “On the left,” analyzes Jonas Pardo, “the idea has developed that there has been a replacement of anti-Semitism by Islamophobia, as if there were a game of communicating vessels of racism, and that we would move from one target to another. While in reality, there is an increase in both phenomena.”

Jordan Bardella, president of the National Rally, returned on November 13 on RTL, after the march against anti-Semitism in the streets of Paris, that he first welcomes a “reassuring” gathering for “this new threat” that the resurgence of anti-Semitism represents in France, on the fringes of the conflict between Hamas and Israel. “We (the RN, editor’s note) probably appear to be the best shield for the Jews of France.”

Regarding the aftermath of this mobilization, Jordan Bardella wants “a political, moral, legal, security surge”, which according to him would involve “a war against Islamic fundamentalism” and strong measures to combat Islamic radicalism.

And to return to his controversial remarks on Jean-Marie Le Pen’s anti-Semitism: “I made the mistake of brushing this issue aside, considering that this past had been closed since 2015”, admits Jordan Bardella, who acknowledges “anti-Semitic statements and provocations” on the part of the former party leader.

As for Emmanuel Macron’s absence, the president of the RN “regrets” the president’s decision, believing that he missed “a date with History”. “I wonder about the calculations that preceded this choice,” added Jordan Bardella, who emphasizes that the head of state “would have grown by participating in this march.”

In the capital, according to the organizers’ estimate, “75,000 people” marched under the sun between République and Nation at the call of more than 200 associations (Fondation des femmes, Planning familial, #NousToutes…), NGOs (Oxfam, France Terre d’Asile…) and unions (CGT, CFDT…).

In the regions, 14,000 demonstrators were counted in 41 gatherings, according to a police source.

Feminist associations, unions and NGOs denounce the “facade feminism” of the extreme right, accusations rejected by the National Rally (RN), which castigates “caricatures”.

The National Rally is entering the final stretch of the legislative elections at the top of the polls, followed by the left and the presidential camp which, largely distanced, is calling for a “republican surge”.

Everyone has the right to vote, and votes as they wish, according to their political or apolitical affiliation, they have the right to vote for whoever they want.
Just as everyone has the right to express themselves and demonstrate.

But to add an additional point, go and vote as you wish, but vote before expressing yourself and demonstrating, if you really want political change. All that gives a real politician a chance is to massively mobilize voters, to show that they are civic-minded.
There is only one solution left: win a point by going to vote, not by watching the elections on television.
Do not divide the country by not going to vote, your vote is important.

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