13 juillet 2024

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Discover African gastronomy at Bana Lounge

Located not far from the Etoile, the Bana Lounge restaurant invites you to discover African gastronomic specialties.

Coming to Bana Lounge is a real change of scenery. It is a gourmet and gastronomic journey through several African countries including Cameroon, Senegal, Congo and Ivory Coast. From starters to desserts, it is a real treat for the taste buds. Whether you are meat, chicken or fish, there is something for everyone!

A typically African menu

– Starters consist of raw vegetables or pastels (small Senegalese croissant-shaped doughnuts filled with meat or fish), but also samosas (doughnuts originating from Asia and the Middle East and which have become popular dishes in the Indian subcontinent since they were introduced there in the 18th or 14th century).

-it is then possible to enjoy a grilled chicken, fish including sea bass or meat (the Senegalese dibi.) This is meat grilled over a wood fire, seasoned with a mixture of spices. An essential dish of African street food, its name comes from Bambara (language spoken in Mali) which translates to “grilled” or “grill” It is a dish of lamb grilled over a wood fire of West African origin, particularly from Mali. Dibi was popularized in Senegal thanks to the Mauritanians who settled there. The menu also offers meat and chicken skewers, beef or veal entrecotes, beef or veal soya (Cameroonian skewers), thiep (rice and vegetable stews with meat, chicken or fish), mafés (stews made with peanut paste, meat and yassa, a sub-Saharan African dish made with fried onions and rice, accompanied by meat marinated in lemon then fried or braised, chicken or fish).

Where did the idea to create the Bana Lounge come from?

The owners of the restaurant are sisters. One of them works in the kitchen while the other welcomes and serves customers. Wanting to popularize African cuisine, they decided to open a restaurant.

Armelle arrived in France at the age of 26 as a student, but she had a passion for cooking. After finishing her studies, she worked in a firm but was not attracted to what she was doing, which is why the desire to create a restaurant was born, passionate about cooking, but also because every time she wanted to celebrate her birthday with friends, she did not find a place where it suited her, in terms of African originality.

She and her sister decided to open a restaurant of African products with a menu of original specialties, and everything was done and prepared to be put into practice with the project of opening on June 9, 2023.

At the same time, personalities crossed the threshold of the restaurant as African and European ambassadors, but also amateurs or curious to discover African cuisine.

Only one year after its opening, the restaurant has had the opportunity to organize special birthday parties, karaoke, or even African weddings. On June 9, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the existence of Bana Lounge, organized an event called “Everything is allowed at Bana Lounge”, which will include an evening dedicated to the music festival on June 21.

Every Friday, the atmosphere is festive and animated by music, which makes it a weekend. A day at the restaurant is extremely harmonious at noon with customers having lunch or even curious to discover African specialties, in the evening with personalities or event evenings and on Friday a fun evening, starting the weekend.

Alors que ce soit pour une soirée entre amis, pur découvrir les secrets de la cuisine africaine, toutefois francisée ou se dépayser, le restaurant Bana Lounge est un petit coin d’Afrique en France, le tout dans une ambiance festive et pleine de couleurs chatoyantes. Il est égalemet possible de commander et se faire livrer.

Restaurant BANA LOUNGE
Cuisine africaine subsaharienne
Entrées, plats, desserts, boissos et menus spéciaux
Salle privative avec karaoké pour les événements
88 rue Lemercier
75017  Paris
Tél: +33 1 46 32 34 ou +33 7 51 10 44 65

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